Hallmark PA loco ornament converted to run

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by david f., Sep 14, 2007.

  1. david f.

    david f. TrainBoard Supporter

    here are some shots of the Hallmark Freedom Train PA loco ornament i fit over an MTL GP chassis.
    i smoothed the sideframes of the MTL GP trucks (got them pretty thin!) and glued the PA sideframes to the outside. I fit N scale Concor metal wheels to the ends.

    the nose and tanks sides i glued directly to the metal shell, and used styrene sheet in the roof and sides to insulate the mechanism. no mod was required to the MTL chassis -- i can still pop it out and put it right into a GP35 or GP9 (replacing the stock side frames).

    haven't weighed it yet. can't find my scale.

    dave f.




  2. henrikH

    henrikH TrainBoard Member

    Amazing! That look's like a great mod!
  3. rray

    rray Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    It looks great Dave, how does it negotiate turns with the extra Con-Cor wheel installed? Does that axle slide left to right in it's slot? Excellent work!
  4. shamoo737

    shamoo737 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Nice work, David. I like the six wheel axle mod. Could be useful for future projects.
  5. JR59

    JR59 TrainBoard Supporter

    Always a pleasure to see your great work David!
  6. RSmidt

    RSmidt TrainBoard Member

    Very cool!

  7. JoeS

    JoeS TrainBoard Member

    Nice work! :D How well does it pull?

    DPSTRIPE TrainBoard Supporter

    Looks great. The Geep chassis truck spacing works out well with the shell. Good idea.
    Dan s.
  9. Triplex

    Triplex TrainBoard Member

    Now that is not a use I expected for that chassis. What roadname will she be?
  10. minzemaennchen

    minzemaennchen TrainBoard Member

    Wow, looking forward to see the loco painted and pulling lots of cars....
  11. Torsja

    Torsja TrainBoard Member

    Nice David, I always wanted a PA locomotive since I got to run one off AZL's on my layout some years ago. Perhaps now I will be able to afford get me a PA1 some time in the future also.


    DPSTRIPE TrainBoard Supporter

    On a somewhat related note, the Oct/Nov/Dec issue of The Railroad Press (TRP) has an article on the 1947 Freedom Train, including a couple of color photos.
    Dan S.
  13. david f.

    david f. TrainBoard Supporter

    here are two pics of the finished loco. a smooth and quiet locomotive, thanks to the MTL GP mechanism.
    dave f.


  14. rray

    rray Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    It really came out nice David! The detail is suprisingly good, you would never have thought it was a Hallmark Ornament! :D
  15. HemiAdda2d

    HemiAdda2d Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Ditto that. It came out fantastic!
    Who needs to spend 600 bucks on an AZL PA-1, when Hallmark makes them!
    Looks great in Aspen Gold....

    Did you attempt to add weight?
  16. david f.

    david f. TrainBoard Supporter

    thanks bob. from 3' away it's even better (ha ha ha).

    no, hemi, no added weight, but one sure could -- there's GOBS of room front and rear for it. i may go back and drill or file a little to lower the shell just a bit. the nose apron rides a little high to begin with, and the coupler is currently lined up correctly, but in a close up it doesn't look right. i won't be using it to pull from the nose, so if that coupler gets lowered it won't matter.

    i was thinking about adding a mars light to the nose. is there a way to use the rear light (with DCC) and make it a mars light? it would be simple to aim the lights if the DCC corrections can be made to the optional Digitrax DCC replacement board.

    what say, bob? can you help me here?
    dave f.
  17. shamoo737

    shamoo737 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    First, the engine looks awesome. Like Hemi says, who needs to spend $600 when it looks better then a AZL. Yes, you can add mars lights to your engine using dcc. Clip the rear led. Rewire a smd to the front and program the cvs. I have the codes to change the cvs if you need them. Again awesome.
  18. JR59

    JR59 TrainBoard Supporter

    Wow, absolutely incredible David! Stunning work!
  19. HemiAdda2d

    HemiAdda2d Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    The DCC stuff is outta my league, but the weightwould always help. If you do lower it, just watch the trip pin height clearance. No matter if you plan on front-coupling it or not; you still don't wanna derail it when the trip pin hits something...
  20. SJ Z-man

    SJ Z-man TrainBoard Supporter

    Howly Cow ! I can't believe thats a Hallmark ! I know the tender and boxcar of my Turbine are really rendered well, the overpaint on the loco certainly hides what might be lurking underneath. I gotta take a look at the PA ornament. This inspires me.

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