ho 4x6 up and over layout/2 or more trains

Discussion in 'Layout Design Discussion' started by donjfbg, Jan 2, 2007.

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    First of all I am a NEWBEE, but Ive admired and actually owned an 0 scale lionel pennsylvania flyer as a child(unfortunately that set is no where to be found) Anyway ive decided to revisit my childhood hobby but with some space restraints forcing me to the h scale. I just recieved a Roco dcc starter set with type 83 track.. i've also recently purchased some super flex track 100(not sure if these to track are compat.) I also recieved an atlas up and over bridge set. With all that said I'm wondering what type of layout would be congruint with above mentioned set up. I would really appreiciate any links or sites or layouts that could steer me in the right direction with the dcc I am looking to be able to run more than one train... thanks in advance .don

    BALOU LINE TrainBoard Member

    [FONT=""Trebuchet MS""]Welcome to Trainboard! With HO there isn't a lot of room in a 4X6. A basic up and over should fit the space, but I'll deffer to the HO guys with more exsperience in this scale.
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    Thanks John, I'll patiently wait for other replies. Have a pleasant day there in the east and i'll try to do the same here in Santa Barbara...cheers!
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    I just stumbled across this discussion. I hope I'm not too late.

    As to up and over in 4x6. I do not recall a up and over for two trains in that space. Atlas has one for one train. Yet, there are plenty of flat plans that could be made to go up and over despite that issue. In such a small space you may want to use cookie cutter benchwork to get your up and over.

    The gateway nmra group has some nice layouts they've built. although not up and overs on the smaller ones they are worth visting.

    Atlasrr.com has a trackplan section with sample layouts.

    google Ho scale trackplans and see what comes up too. :)

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