HO Scale Code 100 3-way turnout

Discussion in 'HO Scale' started by StrasburgNut, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. StrasburgNut

    StrasburgNut TrainBoard Member

    I searched quite a few places and I can only find one or two Code 100 3-way turnouts. I know they will cost a bit more, and I am okay with it as long as they are reliable. The questions is to those who have had them or been able to use them, are they that reliable? I want to use it in my yard and I think it would save more space than using a RH turnout followed by a LH turnout, or vice-versa. Any other suggestions?

    Also, doesn't a #4 turnout have a sharper radius than a #6 turnout, or do I have it backwards?

    Thanks All!

  2. rkcarguy

    rkcarguy TrainBoard Member

    The #4 is a tighter radius, I believe they match with 18" radius track on the curved leg. I just got a Peco 3-way switch it appears to be high quality, I was having a problem fitting in the switches to the yard and the reverse loop in the space I had left so it was the only way it would work. I got mine from ebay for about $40 shipped.
  3. riverotter1948

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    At one time (before I converted everything to Code 83) I had four Peco Code 100 3-Way turnouts connected together, i.e., one primary one and one attached to each of that one's three branches. Like all the other Peco turnouts I've used, they performed flawlessly. Of course, I didn't run trains through them at 100mph -- they were used in a yard, and they did save a lot of space.

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