I Lost a new Blog Entry? Twice?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Switchman, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Switchman

    Switchman TrainBoard Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I entered a new blog entry called "A Y2K Computer Story." The first time I thought I forgot to post it and it went off somewhere. The second time I thought I did it all right. But I guess I messed up somehow/someway.

    Please help me find my missing blog entry If it's out in the wilds of Trainboard, Poor thing is out in the cold with no coat or shoes. It could catch it's death of a cold. Help Help Help.

    If not I've a copy but what did I dork up?
    See ya
  2. okane

    okane TrainBoard Member TrainBoard Supporter


    I could not find any record of the post to your blog sorry
  3. Switchman

    Switchman TrainBoard Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Ops - I did dork it up. Through my Browser (IE7) I had multable copies of trainboard up and somehow this caused the problem. I'll try it again and see if I can do better.
    See ya
  4. ppuinn

    ppuinn Staff Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I've lost forum posts and blog entries when I compose something for more than 15 minutes, and then try to post it after my log in has expired. Do you think this is what happened to you?

    When a TB member logs in, the TB site recognizes him as "Active"; but, if he does not move from one TB page to another for 15 minutes (as may happen if you take as long to compose a post or blog entry as I do), TB automatically marks him as "Inactive". Posts may only be made by "Active" members, so if you submit your post more than 15 minutes after you move to the Compose Page, your post is doomed to wander for eternity, lost and forlorn in the cyber limbo, freezing its yarbells to its gazornimplec...no hope for redemption or recovery.

    The next steps most members take follow some variation on "Sigh", performing the obligatory palm-firmly-to-forehead gesture, muttering family-friendly words like,"Doh!" or "Great Guggle dee Muggledee!",... and calling up the copy. If the member has failed to save a copy, the next few steps may not be family-friendly.

    Eventually, the member:
    1. checks that his computer's security filters are set to accept a Trainboard login cookie (and that all routine computer housekeeping programs are also set to accept and keep the cookie on your computer);
    2. clicks "Remember Me" so the TB login cookie will be placed on his computer the next time he logs in;
    3. logs in;
    4. Goes to the proper Compose Post or Compose Blog Entry page, re-composes his post/entry, and submits it.

    Let us know in this thread if these steps work for you.
    If following these steps does not resolve your issue, post here again, and we'll do some more trouble shooting. Most of the un-resolved site problems TB members have, are un-resolved because members did not bring them back to the Support forum.
  5. Switchman

    Switchman TrainBoard Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Hello ppuinn,
    Yep that's what I'll do in future to make sure (where is that M key!) my posts and blogs are not kicked into cyber limbo. I am a very slow (two finger) typist. So it's no doubt I am changed in a dormant keyboardist.

    I'll also type up any entries longer than a sentence or two off line and the cut and past. I've heard of something called "Livewriter." You are supposed to type it off line and it'll automatically post it at a URL. It may be to complicated for me. I'll look into that.
    See ya

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