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    I am looking for Information on the Illinois Northern Railway, a Chicago Shortline Absorbed into the ATSF. I don't have a lot yet, they had 6 Alco S4 Switchers in ATSF Zebra Stripe paint (I have found pictures of #29 and #34),and I have 2 maps. I have also heard it refered to as the"Cermak" line, its a street trackage line, and it is still quite active today.

    I am going to need a lot of help, I am 2000 miles away from Chicago, so if you can help, please do so here or email me. I am looking for everything I can get on the Illinois Northern. This is going to be my HO Model Railroad subject, set sometime in the 60's, (though I think by changing the rolling stock and Autos on the Street, the Model railroad could be varied quite a bit as far as years go. Not sure on this).

    I would be thankful for any help,
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    I saw your post. My grandfather was the V.P./Supt. for this line up to about 1952 I believe. He was there when the line first dieselized. I have photos of much of their steampower going back to say, 1912 or so.

    I had an uncle who was engineer on the line and another who was fireman during the depression. They are both deceased, unfortunately. A few years ago, I had a man by the name of Mike Voytanic who took me on a personal tour of what was left of the line. Apart from some track, there's not much there. I have some B/W pictures of where he took me, this would be around the late 80's I think. I do remember around 6PM we caught the sole train of the day on its way back to the yard. The most interesting thing was photographing the conductor flagging the crossing at the Cook County Jail.

    Don't know if I could be much help to you. Most of my collection deals with the line around 1950's or so. I do know that Walther's had an INRY boxcar kit in the catalog a few years ago but that has been discontinued.

    Joe Kelly
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  4. Joe, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Brian Morgan. Joe I use to live near the Southern most switching point on the INX the GTW Elsdon yard. Joe, I am also interested in the INX as well as obtaining a complete switch list for the entire INX as well as a more detailed track schematic diagram of the INX. I am in the planing and research stages of building a more modern 1970's & early 80's version of the INX using hand me down motive power from parent Santa Fe, SW1500's, low nose GP20's, and EMD/ATSF CF7's. Joe I do know that the INX would switch a cut of cars to the Elsdon Yard via the Corwith Hump on tuesdays and fridays and during the remainder of the week perform switching tasks from Corwith into the western part of the Central Industrial District East of Kedzie Ave and west of Elsdon Junction and North of the IHB/Belt Rwy/GTW tracks. I know for certain the INX use to switch the old Peter Pan Peanut Butter plant at 48th Street between Saint Louis and Drake.
    Joe, if you happen to have any other additional form of information that can help me feel free to let me know.
    Brian Morgan

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