Installing Kato's Led lighting kits

Discussion in 'N Scale' started by davidone, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. davidone

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    I just recieved a 6 pack of led lights to start installing them into my Kato passenger cars. I have never done these before so i have some questions. After attaching the aluminum strip to the roof of the pass. car, how does the clear plastic light relector bar attach. Is it a press fit? Any other things i should be aware of when installing these? If these go ok, i have about 50 more Kato passenger cars to do, so before i spend the money i would like to get these right.

    Thanks, Dave
  2. DCESharkman

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    Here is what you do........

    First the cuts in the lens (clear plastic bar) face the top of the car.

    Next make sure the the flat end of the lens is facing the LED

    Now, look at the window inserts, you will see little notches. On the lens you can see little posts. Press the lens into the shell so that the posts land in the notches. This is a press fit situation, and if it is fitted correctly, then the lens will stay in place even with moderate shaking.

    For better and more consistent lighting, you may want to solder the LED board lead to the power strips. It isn't too difficult to do, and I have found that it takes a lot of the jitter out of the lights while running. Of course, you can add a small capacitor across the power strips and have the lights never jitter too.......
  3. pilotdude

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    Also, in case you hadn't seen it here is Kato's link to installing the lightboard.
  4. Frank Cotton

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    which type do you use? How many farads?


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