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    I think this has been brought up before..But Ill ask it again here as it is so easy a question to answer... .Even a simple " yes " or "no " could suffice..
    So,... is it true that one can not get a decoder and sound into an HO Proto Alco S1 ? I'm guessing decoder is in, sound is out..due to space not available for speaker...I am aware though of making a perminant lash up with a, say, equal dummy for speaker..But, then this kinda defeats the small, single, yard-switcher's purpous..nifty and nimble, spotting a couple cars hither and nither or trundling down an old branch/spur at 5 mph due to rough,old 30 Lb. weedy rail, where double units would be waistful. And, also that, same RR has road engines to boot..
    I guess I'll have to moth-ball my beloved S1 and have to buy a brand new ' DCC/sound on board ' one, which I do believe, now exists by, say, Atlas or Athearn , Proto or such....Is It True ??
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    The speaker will be slightly noticable when mounted in the top of the cab.
  3. rg5378

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    How about a cow-calf set?
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    why not an N scale sound decoder?
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    I squeezed Soundtraxx systems into an Atlas Alco S3 and a P2k SW900/1200 several years ago, so I'd be amazed if it couldn't be done for yours, especially as smaller components are available now.
    That said you may well have to do a bit of surgery on the frame to make space for either the speaker or decoder - my installations are written up with pictures on my website (link in sig).
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    ALCO never made a cow.calf set. Another way to make room for a sound decoder & speaker would be to "gut" the Atlas frame/motor & use the new NWSL Stanton drives:
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    Thanks to Bruce and others for nice responses...10-4....
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    I think that as it is a specific H0 install being discussed it is fine here. Anyone in H0 who doesn't visit here is ... , well, missing out a bit :)

    My only beef might be the title, which is not going to help future finding of the subject.

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