List of BNSF engines to be repainted

Discussion in 'BNSF Railway' started by Lyon_Wonder, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Lyon_Wonder

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    Hi. I got this info from another group. It's a list of BNSF engines to be reapinted into the new paint scheme with the Swoosh within the next few month.

    BNSF 111 (GP60M former ATSF)
    BNSF 554 (B40-8W former ATSF)
    BNSF 555 (B40-8W former ATSF)
    BNSF 599? (C44-9W former ATSF 666)
    BNSF 611 (C44-9W former ATSF)
    BNSF 694 (C-44W former ATSF)
    BNSF 997 (C44-9W)
    BNSF 4059 (C44-9W)
    BNSF 4479 (C44-9W)
    BNSF 4715 (C44-9W)
    BNSF 6784? (SD40-2 former BN)

    Apparantly some of the higher-numbered H2 C44-9Ws are being repainted because they were in dangerous accidents that require rebuilding.

    And that's not all. Rumor has it that BNSF 911 (former SF C44-8W) will be repainted into a special paint scheme for the victims of 911. Though BNSF, unlike UP, has never painted any engine into a one of a kind speical paint shcemes, aside from the experimental paint jobs of BNSF 9647 Vomit Bonnet and SD60M 9297. If this rumor is true, which one can take with a grain of salt, BNSF probably chose this older Dash 8 engine since it's road number was already 911 and don't want to waste the time of renumbering that former SF engine in place of a new GEVO.
  2. Kurt Moose

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    That would be a real nice "nod" to the victim's and family's and a little PR in a good direction. It would show a softer side of a big corporation like BNSF to the public.
  3. mavrick0

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  4. LADiver

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    no they had a GP60 in a similiar scheme, 141 I believe.
  5. sp4009

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    146. I had it in the yard a few years ago, in places you could see the blue paint were the red had chipped or faded:teeth:
  6. YoHo

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    I thought those were done prior to the merger by ATSF?
  7. friscobob

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    Yep, they did.

    As for the engine in the pic, I saw that very same locomotive leading the northbound P&W freight thru Salem last weekend- it had an SD45 trailing. The ex-Amtrak beastie was still in the Maersk colors, but had no BNSF markings- also a different number (ex-ATK road number?).
  8. Triplex

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    I don't believe any C44-9Ws are in H3 yet?

    Only 11 engines in several months... BNSF hasn't sped up its repainting any. That reminds me of something, and it is sort of related. Different railroads patch over old schemes in different ways. More often, they just add new reporting marks and renumber it, but some roads try to cover all previous markings. Examples of opposite extremes are (notice the little "BN" below the number?) and Obviously, there's a difference in concept here. Some roads try to spread the new image, others prioritize obliterating the old. BNSF is closer to the first.
  9. esprrfan

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    Special paint

    "I might be wrong about one of a kind but I believe BNSF only did one like this:"

    I wouldn't say wrong but this one didn't hang out too long out west for you to see. Sorry for the crappy picture but it was a surprise grab shot. Someday I'll have it as my power then I'll get a few better ones.

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  10. Doug A.

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    There is at least one, but I think that may be it for right now. I can't recall what number but I've seen pics.
  11. Triplex

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    What about B40-8Ws? I haven't seen any of those in H3.

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