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    Hello everyone,
    I'm a new member on this forum and a new model railroader. I plan on building a layout based on plan 44 of 101 Track Plans by Linn H. Westcott. I want to do it on a 4x8 benchwork in N Scale. My question is: will it be too large for the amount of rail? If it is the case how can I improve the look of the layout?
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    Hi, This layout has been built a variety of ways. One addition would be a tunnel under the mountain so you have a loop. I'm not sure you won't tire of simply back and forth movement the way it is shown. And yes, not much track for the space. IMHO better layouts would be #22 or #30. Also, check out the Logging and Mining Group here on TB. Good luck, Jim
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    If you are going to have more fun building the lumber aspects of the layout and super duper detail the whole scene, I would say you found your design. if you are going to operate trains and move stuff around, might not be enough track.

    Plane #29 of 101 track plans has a small branch line you could turn into a logging area and have a main line running around.

    Also plan #29 in 101 more track plans, it has a really nice branch line with switch backs and could be a really nice logging area.

    A lot depends on how much you want to run trains, move cars and loads around or build a highly detailed scene.

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    Al, That's one of the variations I was alluding to. This layout is outstanding. I lost the link to it. Glad you found it. Jim
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    Here is my logging extension built in a 50" x 32" area. I have had as much fun with this as I do with my twice around 100'
    main layout built in a 12' x 16' area.


    PS here is a view from the other end;


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    Amen! This is yet another reason I like modeling railroads in the woods.

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