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Discussion in 'Z Scale' started by zyousoon, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. zyousoon

    zyousoon TrainBoard Member

    Helo Z peeple. Doanyone have a maerklin insider senetor set? If you do, can you give me an Hal a review? Ired that it was made in Germany but someone posted that it was made in my native China. hal an I would like to hear opinion. we may buy the set if available.We thank.
  2. Rio Grande

    Rio Grande TrainBoard Member

    The Senator was made in China. The main problem was/is, that the 2 engiens aren´t running synchronously, therefore it can cause damage, they are loud and don´t run smoothly. Here in Germany many people sent them back to Märklin for repair. Still not all are working fine. I bought 2 sets at my local hobby store for friends, they were better. I don´t know about the availability and pricing in the US, but I wouldn´t buy one without testing ist, unless you know the seller and he confirms they do good.
  3. zyousoon

    zyousoon TrainBoard Member

    Mattias ---Hal an I thank thee. We were going to buy one but will wait now. We see one on the auction site for 650 dollar. It is a crime that the maerklin company would release something that is a problem like you posted. And terrible that a special Insider model would have poor quality control. Sad sad way to let product be rereleased and released again with same problem. Thank thee for saving Hal and I money. Mattias we glad you reply.

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