Milwaukee Road "Creek" series Skytops

Discussion in 'N Scale' started by Bill Denton, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Bill Denton

    Bill Denton TrainBoard Member TrainBoard Supporter

    The "Creek" series Skytop shells are available at

    They were also used by the Canadien National.



  2. Extra 515

    Extra 515 TrainBoard Member

    They look even better in person!!! Thanks for bringing these cars to life, Bill!
  3. EMD F7A

    EMD F7A TrainBoard Member

    Now you get to trim out al those little windows! Have fun!

    ~ What year did CN get these cars; did they ever run in an early paint scheme?
  4. DrMb

    DrMb TrainBoard Member

    They only ran with the wet noodle scheme. Never the green and gold or VIA schemes.
  5. Puddington

    Puddington TrainBoard Member

    The six cars were used primariy on Eastern Canadian CN trains such as the Ocean and Atlantic. They were popular for the lounges but their ride characteristics didn't endear them as sleepers. The lived their CN lives in the "noodle" livery and were pulled from service in the mid 1970's by the Canadian Transport authorities due to their lack of a rear door for emergency egress.... I modelled one of the original Jim Stimman shells and can tell you that Bill has betetred an already great model !
  6. DrMb

    DrMb TrainBoard Member

    I've always wondered why the Skyviews weren't passed on to VIA rail when the Crusader observation car had the same problem but they were passed on and operated for a few years before being retired from VIA service.

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