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Discussion in 'Railfanning Discussions' started by fitz, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. fitz

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    Looks like the steam season is back underway. See the threads here on the UP 844 driver flat spot problem and chasing the Southern 630 and bearing problems. Let's hope things smooth out as the summer arrives.

    Trivia: The auxiliary tender for SP 4449, DLMX 4219, is enroute from Portland to Los Angeles, to be used by AT&SF 3751 and train on their May trip to Grand Canyon and back.
    Said 3751 ran this past weekend from LA to San Bernardino for the railroad days celebration there. Bill Stetler was the engineer. I have also learned that Doyle McCormack will be the second engineer on 3751 for the Grand Canyon trip. Bill and Doyle have done a lot of running together, the 4449, CP 2816 and now 3751. Wish I could make it for that Grand Canyon run.

    I will (hopefully) make it to the Mt. Rainier Scenic on May 5 for a Martin Hansen photographer's special featuring Rayonier Willamette No. 2 pulling a log train and Polson Logging 2-8-2 No. 70 running a freight or work train. Like they say on the Bud commercials, "Here We Go."
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  2. Charlie

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    Please keep us posted Fitz!!!

  3. BoxcabE50

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    I'd not heard about Southern 630 troubles. What happened?
  4. fitz

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    First I read some cryptic posts on TO about "some problem" and "they'll have to change the Whyte classification" so I went searching. CarnutandTrainnut2 posted some links to videos here on Trainboard, and I viewed them. The last one shows the engine running by with no connecting rod between the No. 3 and No. 4 drivers! Further discussion revealed that the crank pins on No. 4 overheated and one burned, so they dropped the rods to No. 4 and limped back home. Interesting. I'll bet that hasn't been often done since the glory days of steam. :tb-sad:
  5. BoxcabE50

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    Bad news, indeed. However, while it will require both time and money, at least it should not make the loco a static display.
  6. fireball_magee

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    Problem fixed old school style. Wasnt uncommon in them days to do repairs on the road and limp back in. How about the story of the N&W J with just the one side rod hooked up making it a single cylinder engine! Ran her at 80 or better IIRC with no adverse thrusting issue as they thought they might have.Steam is amazing to run and I hope you get out there Fitz! Keep us updated.

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