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Discussion in 'Layout Design Discussion' started by columbia23, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. columbia23

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    ln the 1970 issue of model railroad on page 60-63 there is a track plan of a layout "Built on a two-level compact layout" that's 3x7 l'm hoping with a 5x9 l can get a dbl main line in and everything else l would like to have in it? l remember the issue just not sure if l have it? Dose anyone have this issue?
  2. paulus

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    hi Columbia,
    the plan mentioned is described in the jan 1970 issue of Model Railroader.
    I've been doodling a bit with the plan, always liked it.
    You have to be careful by choosing a new minimum radius. Length wise you have 30% more space,
    so the minimum radius could 30% or a bit less larger. A 15" radius seems quite possible.
    I do not have the orginal magazine any more.
    A second version can be found in "48 Top Notch Track Plans" as plan #4 on page 5
    called the Mohawk & Hudson, built in a 7 x 2,5 space.

    A far more elaborate plan can be built in your space, like this one:
    Though a wee bit wider then the 5,5 feet you have.
    Wish you the best
  3. columbia23

    columbia23 TrainBoard Member

    Thanks much paul, Yes that plan alway interested also, think l will dive this on a try. How would on go about the inderground stagging?

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