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Discussion in 'N Scale' started by ku5s, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. ku5s

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    It seems that an "n-scale airplane" would be a reasonably common item.

    Anyone seen any or know of a source?
  2. Mike Kmetz

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    There hasn't been much made in 1:160 scale.
    Lineside models has (had?) a glider and a Piper Cub.
    Minifigs made a set of six World War II era aircraft.
  3. David Bromage

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    Does it have to be exactly 1:160 scale or will a close match do? 1:144 is a fairly common scale for aero kits. There is a fairly good range of 1:150 scale desk models. If you wanted something slightly under scale to sit in the background and pretend it's far away, there is also a fair range of 1:200 scale aircraft models.

  4. Grey One

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    Bachman made a series of fighter aircraft years ago. A few were "N Scale". I don't know if they are still available.
    Good luck.

    CHARGER TrainBoard Member

    There was at one time an N Scale airport kit, from Arnold I think, that came with two airplanes and a glider.
  6. NP/GNBill

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    Bachmann used to make a series of " Mini-planes" years ago. You can still find them on Ebay now and then. They are in a multitude of scales, but several are 1/160. I have one of their AH-1G cobras that I"m going to mold and add several to my N scale US Navy Helicopter assault ship. I've found that if you are looking for anything specific, you really need to search to see what's out there. I've used several 1/144 scale CH-53 Sea Stallion helos from Revell-Germany, and the scale defference isn't too noticeable. If it's something you really want, but can't find, you might try scratch building it or carving a master, and then casting them in resin. It's really not too difficult. I've recently started casting 12+ CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters for the above mentioned carrier, from a master I carved from chunks of sheet styrene laminated together. The only real problem you might have is decals. There is not a lot of after market stuff out there, unless you are building 1/144 scale airliners it seems. Hope this helps.
  7. Glenn Woodle

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    The market for scale airplanes may be limited, but if you have a sharp eye & a scale ruler, there may be some items to consider:
    1) WalMart has a line of WW2 fighters. 1 German, 1 Japanese, 2 American. Same co that made the 1:144 tanks. 1/3.00 2/6.00. They do come in a variety of schemes. They may be good squadron markings.
    2) Model Power had a line of Postage Stamp Planes. They may still be at Hobby Lobby. HL also had a line of 1:144 kits of plane models. DC3's DC4's to modern 737's.
  8. Fotheringill

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    I have looked for what is available in retail for the last few years and the closest I have seen is 1:144.

    I would be interested in 1:200, though, for a landing strip in the distance.
  9. Fotheringill

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    I just googled model airplanes 1:160

    There are some around. A company named Herpa makes a full line of three engine 1930's vintage transport/passenger Junkers planes in scale.
  10. J WIDMAR

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    Only a few of the Model Power planes are N scale, and a few others are very close (1/150, 1/155,etc). There is a WW2 bomber that is 1/160 from MP. The Junkers from Herpa is very nice. I plan to place it outside my air museum some day.

    If you can still find them a company called Aero-Base made some photo-etch 1/160 planes that were mostly the "skeletons" of the craft. A little tissue paper could cover the body and wings if you wanted a finished plane. I liked them just the way they came, I used them for a museum.

    Above is the Wright Bros. 1903 Flyer, one that had the wings etched out.

    The Spirit of St. Louis is in the center of the photo, wings are al ribs. Other planes are also visible on the first and second floor.
    The planes in the show cases are smaller scales, all the others are N.
  11. David Bromage

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    Most of the Boeing and Airbus jets are available in a variety of liveries as 1:200 desk models. A few examples.

    Inflight 1:200 727-200

    Herpa 1:200 737-300

    T.M. Corporation 1:200 VC-25A

    Skymarks 1:200 A380

  12. Calzephyr

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    The Model Power Postage Stamp series has a few WWII vintage planes and one Vietnam era plane which are very close to N scale. The major problem with them is that they do NOT have landing gear because they are intended to be displayed on a stand which comes with the planes. They are very reasonably priced for die-cast models.

    These are:

    B-17G Flyling Fortress (~155 scale)
    B-24D Liberator (~163 scale)
    PBY-5 Catalina flying boat (~150 scale)
    F-4 Phantom fighter (~ 160 scale)

    These are the two PBY-5 shown with a VO-1000 for comparison.

  13. Gordon Werner

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  14. cfquinlan

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    There is a company that builds extremely realistic models out of carved wood and then paints over them. It is called Toys and Models Corporation. Here is their website: http://www.toys-and-models.com/. These models are kind of pricey. I didn't go through the whole website, but I have a Boeing C-17 that is 1/164. I attached an image to this post. I know it looks way out of scale, but that is becuase it is a HUGE jet.


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  15. keystonecrossings

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    A tri-motor would be a nice accent to my 1954 modeling.
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  17. TJS909

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    I have the same delima.....Need good planes! I buy lots of 1/144th stuff from various makers.....But I still think Atlas, Walthers, or someone would do well with a Piper cub and a Stearman.
  18. TJS909

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    Or a few good helicopters....Huey's of course!!!

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  19. ku5s

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    Thanks for all the info guys. I learned several things. I'll be off shopping :)
  20. Ryan 79

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    How much are the 737's?

    I would really like to do a 737 going from Kansas to Washington model someday, like what goes by my work all the time on BNSF. They don't have any wings, aren't painted, and the windows are blacked out, but it would be a neat model.

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