N Scale log loaders and logging equipment.

Discussion in 'N Scale' started by NIevo, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. NIevo

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    Is there anyone other then GHQ that makes a log loader in n-scale? I am looking for a model thats of a larger model then the one they use.

    Also, is there any good sources of logging and timber related building/detail pieces in n-scale, especially of more modern timber industries. Seemed to be a overabundance in HO but now that I've switched it's pretty slim pickings.
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  3. SteamDonkey74

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    Walthers has a lumber mill kit that's on sale this month.

    Also, Yesteryear Creations has a very nice brass wig wam burner kit. Don't worry that it's brass. If you can build a plastic kit you can probably build this one no problem. It's pretty much a glue-it-together kit.

    Republic Locomotive Works is a good place to look, too, as Bob mentioned. A lot of their stuff, strictly speaking is 1950s or earlier, but then again some mills, like Hull-Oakes in Oregon, haven't changed all that much since the 1950s.

    Now... if we could just get some more modern log trucks.

    GHQ has the only "modern" log loader that I am aware of. Everything else I have scene was kitbashed or scratch-built.
  4. NIevo

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    Yep, already have the Sawmill and the Paper Mill from that series. I seem to remember someone posting a link a while back to some place other then Republic that did a lot of z-scale stuff but also offered some pieces in n-scale and they had a log loader. For the life of me I can't remember the name though.
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  6. Logtrain

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    Dont forget about the log scale platform by Reiten Models.

    Also if you have the July-Aug 2009 N scale magazine you will find an article of the sawmill I am buidling for my club. About 90% of it is all scratchbuilt. I am debating on whether I should make a resin cast of the trailer loader and the chip bunker that is in the photos or not.

    Also, (if you can find one) N scale of Nevada made a piggy packer years ago, which is a Wagner loader. I have one of these kits and am going to fabricate a grapple for logs to add to my mill.
  7. SteamDonkey74

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    That's you? I saw that article. Nice work!
  8. Logtrain

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    Yes that was my work. I am glad you enjoyed it. There will be more added to the scene like the log loaders and everything that goes in the mill. Did you happen to see it on the United Northwest layout at the NSC last month?

    I am also in the process of writing several more articles that go along with the mill. One will be on super detailing a GHQ die cast kit. Another one will be on kitbashing the N scale of Nevada piggy packer into a log loader.
  9. NIevo

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    Do you have any pictures of those models? Sounds very interesting and something I might be interested in. I'll have to see if I can dig up a copy of that magazine.

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