New BNSF logo!!!!

Discussion in 'BNSF Railway' started by bmalonef45, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. bmalonef45

    bmalonef45 TrainBoard Member

    Take a look at this link:

    Say it aint so!!!!

    I guess this will mean that I can no longer model current BNSF. I wasn't a huge fan of the Pumpkin scheme but I could live with it. This just spits in the face of a good railroad. As a graphic designer by trade, I am usually happy with progress... not in this case. :-(

    Did an edit to see if I could get the logo to come up.

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  2. Stourbridge Lion

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  3. LongTrain

    LongTrain Passed away October 12, 2005 In Memoriam

    Looks pretty ho-hum to me..... [​IMG]
  4. FriscoCharlie

    FriscoCharlie Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Hmmm, not a coonskin.

  5. HemiAdda2d

    HemiAdda2d Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    At least the GN-reminiscient heritage colors are still here. It sure looks wierd, considering the decade of Pumpkins with a BNSF 'cross' logo...

    Anyone seen one yet?
  6. Trainforfun

    Trainforfun TrainBoard Member

    Here is a picture from their site :

  7. William Cowie

    William Cowie TrainBoard Member

    And look at that - the famous (?) #740, co-bearer of the H2 prototype scheme! Or do you think they just photoshopped that in?
  8. Trainforfun

    Trainforfun TrainBoard Member

    It looks photoshopped , specially the side .
    I just checked Railpicture for BNSF # 740 and what they have is the "old" design .

    So the "cross in circle" or "cigar band" logo that they got from Santa Fe will be no more , that is sad ....

    One more time of the old one :

  9. Eagle2

    Eagle2 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Speaking as a non-BNSF fan, I hate this idea. The original BNSF jobs, either Heritage or H2, were a good idea as a nod to the history of the road, much as (the despised) UP has held its image steady, at least so far as paint goes. This I suppose we could call the "Nike" scheme. Swoosh!
  10. virtual-bird

    virtual-bird TrainBoard Member

    It couldnt have been repainted?

    Since the photo your showing is old and crappy, adn the new scheme is all new paint... so it could be infact - real?
  11. SD70BNSF

    SD70BNSF TrainBoard Supporter

    OH MY GOD! That has got to be one of the ugliest corporate rebrandings I've seen. I'm a big Santa Fe fan, I really liked the Heritage II scheme. But this is butt ugly. There's no style or penache to it. It looks like a bland baseball scheme.

    There old scheme was a very nice mix of the prior railroad elements. This.... If they wanted to do a corporate rebranding, they should have invented a whole new name and scheme to go with it.

    I have officially decided that the era I model will end on January 23, 2005. I wish the company good fortune, but tell your graphic designers to go back to the drawing board, Quick!!!
  12. SLSF Freak

    SLSF Freak Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    well - since there still is no evidence of Frisco heritage in this scheme either... I *still* don't like it. [​IMG] Now had they done a coonskin / cigar band thingie or gone with a red & white banded paint scheme, maybe I'd warm up a little...

  13. dave n

    dave n TrainBoard Supporter

    Man, they just keep going downhill from the Warbonnet. . . .

    I can understand it though, it's alot simpler, thus, cheaper
  14. Tim Mc

    Tim Mc TrainBoard Member

    In that case, they might as well drop the wedge or swoosh under the letters and just stick with "BNSF". If they really wanted to save money, they could paint their locos all one color, say black ... and adopt a logo better than a wedge, maybe something that represents speed and endurance, perhaps a horse. :D

    Or, maybe they should just go with an all-over Santa Fe freight blue (like Mopac did, which saved them $$).

    Sorry to BNSF fans...I know to many this is a sad day. :( At least your railroad lives on and isn't Armour Yellow & Harbor Mist Gray.

  15. doofus

    doofus TrainBoard Supporter

    It reminds me of "Allied Van Lines".
  16. BnO_Hendo

    BnO_Hendo TrainBoard Member

    Speed lettering and a flying wedge. Gee, what an improvement.
  17. friscobob

    friscobob Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I juct rechecked my calendar to make sure I didn't pull a Rip Van Winkle & oversleep- this looks like an early April Fool's joke to me.

    Besides, if they REALLY want to improve it, they woulda put the letters BNSF in a coonskin logo.....but that's just me :rolleyes:
  18. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    My first thoughts?
    1. Check url, make sure it's REALLY BNSF's site. Yep.
    2. Check date. April Fools? Nope.
    3. New and Improved BNSF...Makes your whites whiter and your colors brighter!

    Thank goodness I model 1998.
  19. Another ATSF Admirer

    Another ATSF Admirer TrainBoard Member

    Yucky wedge.
    So they've lost their BN Green heritage, their ATSF logo heritage, and they're not remembering their Better New Super Frisco heritage neither.

    Guess I'll stick with my pre-merger ATSF, yellow and blue or silver and red. No pumpkins, No wedges, Just rails and thunder.

    Best Newest Scheme Fotos?
    Better Not Stay Focused?
    Baseballs' Newest Silly Fiasco?
  20. Grey One

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