New Meaning to the Term "Intermodal"

Discussion in 'Railfan Photos' started by Doug A., Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Doug A.

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    Something tells me that Schneider National didn't have this "mode" of transportation in mind when they designed these trailers. This photo was posted on the WFAA Facebook page of the tornado that struck Lancaster, TX and eventually a few other cities in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area this afternoon.
  2. YoHo

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    Yeah, I have a friend that lives right near there.
  3. BoxcabE50

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    My wife has family in Round Rock. One is a trucker, but fortunately this is not tomorrow, as that is where he will be headed. Or would have been headed. Now?
  4. Flash Blackman

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    Here's a video link showing a lot of the damage. Schneider orange trailers were very apparent.

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  5. Ian Kennedy

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    I complain that it is April 3 and we are still getting a little bit of snow, then I see something like this and all of a sudden I am thankful I live in the frozen North.

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