Nice video of an N-scale layout

Discussion in 'N Scale' started by PW&NJ, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. PW&NJ

    PW&NJ TrainBoard Member

    I stumbled upon this while clicking my way through train videos this morining:

  2. Bruce-in-MA

    Bruce-in-MA TrainBoard Member

    Very nice camera work. I particularly like the tracking shots. Great editing and sound effects. Nice layout too.

    My only nitpicks are that it could use some music and it's a bit too long.
  3. MC Fujiwara

    MC Fujiwara TrainBoard Member

    That's Jean-Louis Simonet's "real" layout: the main website is here.

    He's also the genius behind the 2'x4' Possum Valley layout, an amazing piece of work that's been quite an inspiration to many of us modeling in small spaces.

    Ditto on the groovy camera work / tracking shots / POV.
    Thanks for finding & sharing!
  4. videobruce

    videobruce TrainBoard Member

    I don't know what is more impressive, the video, especially the synced audio soundtracks or the layout?

    Manhole covers in the streets & operating doors on the roundhouse. Sheesh.
  5. bobthebear

    bobthebear TrainBoard Supporter

    Excellent vid, but if I was to "nitpick" it would be : a lack of weathering, trains,buildings all seem to clean. My daughter told me off about my own photos & vids and she was right. A program of dirtying EVERYTHING has been instigated and I am pleased with the results so far.
  6. PW&NJ

    PW&NJ TrainBoard Member

    Yeah, lots of neat details all around. I'm on the fence about the music though. While the right music could make that much better, the wrong music could really mess it up.
  7. PW&NJ

    PW&NJ TrainBoard Member

    Funny, I hadn't even noticed that until you mentioned it. Yeah, a good filthification would definitely crank that up several notches. My son loves weathering even more than running the trains. It's an art form itself and another really fun part of this great hobby.
  8. sd90ns

    sd90ns TrainBoard Member

    For the sake of my ego; I’m attributing it all to CGI.

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