Norfolk Southern vs. CSX,Osborn Yard(A drag race!)

Discussion in 'Norfolk Southern Corporation' started by SimRacin14, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. SimRacin14

    SimRacin14 TrainBoard Member

    Happened to be in Louisville for a Monster Jam event,had time to kill so I stopped by Osborn Yard,as usual,to do a bit of railfanning(everything helps after this past week I've had.)

    First up is Z544,a transfer run by NS to Osborn. It was heading out,with a load of autoracks.

    My shots of the NS train were better,hence the two.

    Next,on the adjacent track, CSX Q502 comes barreling northwards with a good bit of speed.

    One of the last shots I managed to get before the CSX train blocked the view of the NS train.

    CSX won by the way,if you use the signal tower in the distance as the "finish line".

    Maybe I'll get lucky and I'll be able to catch a rematch!
  2. CSXDixieLine

    CSXDixieLine Passed Away January 27, 2013 In Memoriam

    It figures...I placed my bet on the train that should have been on the third track. :) Jamie
  3. BuddyBurton

    BuddyBurton TrainBoard Supporter

    Sounds like NS T79 was the "tortoise" while the CSX was the "hare". :D
  4. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Looks like a neat spot to set up for photos.

    Boxcab E50
  5. NSFan14

    NSFan14 TrainBoard Member

    Osborne has a few different spots. Not that great but you can pull it off.
  6. SteveM76

    SteveM76 TrainBoard Member

    CSX cheated! They are on 20mph track while NS is on 10. Lets see a rematch:tb-biggrin:
  7. mikado

    mikado TrainBoard Member


    Is track 1 only good for 20mph too? It seems that some southbounds really start rolling after they clear Central Av.:tb-ooh:
  8. SteveM76

    SteveM76 TrainBoard Member

    The #1 and #2 mains are 20mph while Highland Park and the Hounshell track are 10mph. In the photo it looks like CSX is on the #2 main and NS is on Highland Park 1.

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