NS Train Symbols and Schedules?

Discussion in 'Norfolk Southern Corporation' started by steamtrain, Feb 27, 2011.

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    NS Train Symbols are hard to pin down...You have to know someone on the inside to get them...NS Train Symbols - RailroadfanWiki is one and I googeled and came up with some other stuff that was a couple of years old. While CSX has the Bullsheet (now run by Georgia Railfan) that has train scheules and numbers...It would be good if the American Assosation of Railroads would come up with a universal number system:thumbs_up:
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    NS symbols aren't that hard to figure out, once you figure out the logic that is used...

    As far as regular trains in the division, they generally start with a letter corresponding to their division. Since I am in the Piedmont division, most of the local trains start with "P". There are tons in my area: P02, P05, P07, P10, P30, P60, P95, P99, etc. And jobs that are dispatched out of a yard (and return) generally start with "P" and also have the letter of the yard ("R" for Raleigh, "L" for Linwood, etc.)


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