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    With the cost of structures today I am looking to contact modelers who are creating paper and card structures with there computer I use the ModelBuilder program and for foreground structures I have cut some up to create a board by board construction with very nice results I am looking to farther promote and explore the use of paper structures and exchange Ideas as well as models with others Perhaps with enough interest we could start a forum page where other modelers could see our progress and share our interest If anybody thinks this is a good Idea Please contact me here Thanks Paul
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    Very good idea Paul, I have been interested in this but just starting with this medium. I have some military kits from Microtrains in N made from cardstock and have just about finished the first one. I am stuck on the roof though as I don't like the one that came with the kit. Been looking online for some suitable shingles to print out. I have also downloaded some free kits from scalescenes to try as soon as I can get some more cardstock. I'm sure there are modelers out there with experience to share.
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    Here's couple from 1975 - way before computers. Dad scratchbuilt these from heavy card stock and some bits of other materials. He painstakingly scribed plank lines, bricks, shingles and other details with a ruler and a crochet needle, then hand painted everything, often with Mom's help (she was a pretty good artist).

    It kept him busy and I was happy with my trains. :D

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    For some knock-your-socks-off work using paper, matte board, and balsa wood, check out, and his Facebook page if you use Facebook. Unbelievable what this guy can do.
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    Here are some building flats I made with photos & added some signs & doors to them. I printed them on card stock, cut them out, trim away the background. You can mount them right on your backdrop or add a stiff backing to the card stock to make a stand-alone scene. ( The gas station-cafe is a old "Yellow Box mat-board modern RR station kit-bashed into the Hawk Point Skelly Gas Station-Cafe)



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    Here is the power plant made into a flat background building. Also a brick wall I made for a feed mill.

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    Some more flats for backgrounds.

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    Tomkat - that's really useful. I have been looking for quite a while for suitable photos etc for use on the backscene - these are great. As a computer incompetant can I be really really cheeky and ask if you could post some with a few less adverts on as I need stuff for a layout set in modern Illinois (well mid 1980s to 2000)

    For a commercial site that provides downloads including a couple for free check out It is a UK based site but a lot of it is useful for US modelling - just remember to resize from OO to HO (7/8ths the size)
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    I found the building photos on google images & some commercial realstate sites. I look for head on street level shots, copy & paste into MS Publisher, size to my scale (HO) then add signs, windows, extra doors, vents, ect. on top of the building.
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    Here are some flat building sides for background.

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    Some nice options in this thread and I really like the coastline products . Another good site for reasonable paper/cardstock products , I've found , is ...check it out .

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