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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by yachtjim, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. yachtjim

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    I have a section of my layout done with Peco turnouts, some are insulfrog and some live frog (just didn't realize when I ordered I picked different types). I have a digitrax dcc system. I am using tortoise machines on these turnouts. The section of my layout is a 3 lane wide yard that starts with this insulfrog turnout (Peco HO SL86 Code 100 Track Insulfrog Right Hand Curved turnout). The closed track goes on to the next ....

    crap.. I was just going through my order to get part numbers for you guys and realized I ordered the right thing but some train store sent me the wrong thing. Oops, if I would have known better...its all mounted now.

    ....so the closed track goes on to the next turnout (Peco HO SL91 Code 100 Track Insulfrog Small Radius Turnout Right Hand) and the turnout track goes to a siding. Then the closed part of this turnout goes to a (Peco HO SL92 Code 100 Track Insulfrog Small Radius Turnout Left Hand) and connects to the turnout section of this turnout, and the straight side is another siding. All sidings are parallel. Sorry for the lengthy explanation, probably confusing things, buts its just a basic yard section, nothing special, 3 parallel tracks.

    I want to keep all 3 rails powered all the time, but it seems these Peco turnouts tiurn the power on and off to these sections as they open/close. So I have tried to power each track with a feeder. I have connected the feeders together and routed them to the bus. Keeping track of rail A and B to make sure I am not shorting anything. No matter what I do I can't connect all three feeders to my bus. And as the turnouts open and close whatever feeders I can connect will then cause a short at times. Its driving me nuts. If you have read this far, is there anything obvious I am missing? I am very familiar with feeders and polarity and loops etc. This is just a basic yard section. Thanks!
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    you have to supply power to the point end. if you supply power to the frog end without gapping the rails you will have a short with the peco power routing turnouts. I'd gap all 4 rails coming off the frog end of each turnout and then supply power to each siding. if you do a search you should be able to find a diagram for this.
  3. yachtjim

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    I did find an article using google. Looks like I can simply insulate the 2 inner rails on the frog end. I'll try that and see if it squares me away.
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