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Discussion in 'Computers & Trains' started by friscobob, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. friscobob

    friscobob Staff Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Among some of the goodies brought to me by Whitebeard Deliveries, Inc (a/k/a Santa Claus) was a gift card for Amazon. With it, I bought two items- one book for my Kindle, and Railworks TrainSimulator2012. After uploading it onto my computer, I took it out for a test drive, and I am IMPRESSED:


    Improved graphics


    SInce it's new, not nearly as many aftermarket downloads as there are presently for Microsoft Train Simulator.

    However, new stuff is coming out all the time,both in freeware & payware, so I expect tthings to only get better. And, from what I can see on one sim site, MSTS add-ons are already being sold at discounts.

    Any other simmers on here, either MSTS or RW (or other platforms)?
  2. Jeff Powell

    Jeff Powell TrainBoard Member

    I have it. I love it. Graphics are great but it does tax my system when I run in the HIGHER RESOLUTIONS. Still a few bugs but overall great game. Great starter price and you can download what you want. Only draw back is you have to use STEAM and have internet connection. I have'nt got the game to run without it yet.
  3. friscobob

    friscobob Staff Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I hear ya- I keep the resolutions set low, and have had no real problems. I AM finding some Frisco-related rolling stock, and at least one SW1500 (the SW1500 package from Steam) here & there. About like how it was in the early days when I started modeling the Frisco in the early 1980s........
  4. N-Jineer

    N-Jineer TrainBoard Member

    I picked it up a couple of weeks ago at a show - makes me weep to think this was how Microsoft Train Simulator 2 was shaping up to look.

    I'm running it on the Max. settings and it is AWESOME! But then, I bought a new PC 9 months ago; MSTS is really showing its age and just doesn't look good on my new 24" Widescreen HD TFT

    I've just added the US Commuter Value Pack (North East Corridor plus Acela Express and P42DC Add ons), the Canadian National Add on and the SD70ACe Add on.
  5. up mike

    up mike TrainBoard Member

    Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012, 80% off!
    Just found this deal and could not pass it up for only $7.00
    Now this will be my First Train Simulator it's now downloading any tips or other info I need to get this thing running?
  6. Jeff Powell

    Jeff Powell TrainBoard Member

    Beside having to have steam and internet for it to work, it is a great simm.
    Get everything up and going before you download anything else. RW2012 is a graphics hog..The better the board the higher your settings/resolution you can run at. The higher the better this simm looks. I would recommend staying with steam downloads if possible. There are user routes and such out there for free, but from my past experience to try stay clear of them. Join the forums so if you have any issues they will help you. You can search for most issues. Lots of time, around holidays, add-on routes and stuff go on sale half price or more. regular they are a bit pricey. Be careful what you download because you may need another route before that one will run. READ READ..lol
  7. friscobob

    friscobob Staff Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I second that-I've been running my copy of TS2012 for several months, and have encountered both good and not-so-good sites for downloadable content. One was fairly malicious, and only my antivirus software kept me from downloading a virus. Most generally, the downloads you find on some of the forums are pretty good- not nearly the number that MSTS possesses, but methinks that will change when more folks find out how much better-looking the TS2012 graphics look (and I think MSTS is just fine).
  8. up mike

    up mike TrainBoard Member

    Thanks Jeff
    You do know that you don't need to be online to play right?
    I have been on Train Sim forum for a few weeks now and I must say those guys know their stuff.
    I guess I picked a right time to get my TS 2012 I paid only $7.00 on sale from Steam then a week later they had Donner Pass on sale for half off so for a total of $27.00 I'm having a Blast!!

    Otto over on Train Sim has been the best help for me I have downloaded some Free Add Ons like RailBox and Autoracks :thumbs_up:

    Screenshot_Barstow to San Bernardino_34.53418--117.28898_12-01-36.jpg
    Screenshot_Donner Pass Southern Pacific_39.31779--120.20573_14-09-13.jpg
  9. Jeff Powell

    Jeff Powell TrainBoard Member

    Well my TS2012 wont run unless steam comes up and connects. Maybe a setting I have, but I have heard several other people mention the same thing. I have downloaded a few rolling stock and engines, but I haven't got the program to sub them in any consist yet.
  10. up mike

    up mike TrainBoard Member

    Have you looked around Train Sim before?
    I think you can search the forums without being a member if not I can see what I can find for you....
  11. Jeff Powell

    Jeff Powell TrainBoard Member

    Yea, I have looked, but no biggie..My internet works 99.9% time anyway..lol Look up Mayhem_2012 and friend me on steam.

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