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  1. 7acflyer

    7acflyer TrainBoard Member

    anybody know what happened to these guys? had a couple of their high hood gp30 shells awhile back. looking to make a couple of southern units.
  2. altohorn25

    altohorn25 TrainBoard Member

    They have been out of business for quite a long time (maybe 10 years or so). I think someone bought their tooling and was producing some of their products for a while (maybe it was JnJ) but I have not seen any of their stuff for a long time. Shame; their 72' circus stock car wasn't bad and I need about 15 of them. Guess that is not going to happen.

  3. 7acflyer

    7acflyer TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for the heads up hoping to take the east way looks like its cut, glue and putty time.seem to remember a thread by someone on this forum making high hood GP30s will search around, thanks again.
  4. SteamDonkey74

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    Here's a thread from about five years ago on this forum...
    Southern high hood GP30 finally done! - TrainBoard.com

    I'm fascinated by how Southern ordered high hood versions of locomotives after nearly everyone else had gone for low nose locos. I happen to like the high-hood look, probably one reason that I like GP9s and SD9s. I realize that visibility can only be better out of a low-nose locomotive, but from the outside I just like the high-hood look.
  5. jnevis

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  6. 7acflyer

    7acflyer TrainBoard Member

    thanks jnevis looks like thats the way to go.
  7. Logtrain

    Logtrain TrainBoard Member

    The problem with Mark4design is last time I contacted him about some shells, he was having problems with his supplier. So I am not sure how available they would be. It would be nice if that problem was corrected though.

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