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Discussion in 'International Railways' started by Marian Andrei, May 23, 2010.

  1. Marian Andrei

    Marian Andrei New Member

    Hellow to all, here are photos with Romanian locos and trains.
    More of them at max resolution are on my site http://www.cfr.metrouusor.com/ (RO)
    4 LDH locos in Bucharest Passager Depot

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  2. Marian Andrei

    Marian Andrei New Member

    477 Class locos

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  3. Marian Andrei

    Marian Andrei New Member

    New 40-2001-3 electric loco

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  4. Marian Andrei

    Marian Andrei New Member

    New 40-2003-2 loco

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  5. N-builder

    N-builder TrainBoard Member

    Those are some nice loco photos Marian. CFR has changed so much since I left Rumania in 83'.
  6. Marian Andrei

    Marian Andrei New Member

    Yes, a big part of locos and passenger coaches is modernised, most of them can run over 160-200kmh but the rails are very old. On most of them max speed is 80-100kmh.
  7. N-builder

    N-builder TrainBoard Member

    Yes its true. I've been back to Bihor, Oradea this is where I'm from. And the rails are in much need of upgrading. I also model in N scale. Do you model.
  8. Marian Andrei

    Marian Andrei New Member

    I build tram and bus models at 1:35 scale, I plan to build a loco and a passenger coache later this year.

    Here are some of my models, I have build almost 50 models starting 2006.

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  9. SteamDonkey74

    SteamDonkey74 TrainBoard Member TrainBoard Supporter


    Thank you for posting these, and welcome to TrainBoard! Are most locomotives in Romania electric?

    Are you a railway engineer?

  10. Stourbridge Lion

    Stourbridge Lion TrainBoard Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Welcome to TrainBoard!!!!!!!

    Always great to see photographs like this from all around the world!!!!!!!

    :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up:​
  11. BoxcabE50

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    Welcome to TrainBoard!

    Thank you for sharing your photos.

    Boxcab E50
  12. Marian Andrei

    Marian Andrei New Member

    Most locomotives for important routes are electric.
    I am not a railway engineer, I work as a tehnician for ICPE-SAERP.SA Bucharest, we are developing static converters and urban traction equipment for passenger coaches, trams, trolleybuses and hi-voltage equipments.

    See some photos with one of passenger coaches build in 2009.

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