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Discussion in 'The Inspection Pit' started by AtlanticFlier, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. AtlanticFlier

    AtlanticFlier TrainBoard Supporter

    I have just tried Scalecoat II SPRAY CAN paint(water based) for the first time. I am pleaseatly surprised at the nice finish. Having used air brushes for painting, I was not sure what to expect.

    The spray had a fine mist that i controlled with distance.

    One question - the finish is very glossy. I would like to hear from someone who has used Scalecoat II SPRAY CAN paint, about wheather a glosscoat spray is needed for the decals, due to the high gloss finish. ?

  2. Kisatchie

    Kisatchie TrainBoard Member

    Scalecoat II paint is decal-ready. No need to do anything extra to it.
  3. Thirdrail

    Thirdrail In Memoriam

    Yup, that's why it has become my first choice of paints, especially since they have several PRR colors. The locomotive below was painted with Scalecoat II Brunswick Green. :shade:
  4. DocGeoff

    DocGeoff TrainBoard Member

    Does anyone know a good source for Scalecoat II in spray cans besides Weaver Models? I'd like to order on the internet instead of sending in an order.
  5. AtlanticFlier

    AtlanticFlier TrainBoard Supporter

    One of the trainboard sponsors can povide them:

    That's where I got my last order......

  6. DocGeoff

    DocGeoff TrainBoard Member

    I quit ordering from Internet Trains nearly a year ago because they are so slow. I finally got fed up and canceled my last order after waiting a month with no word on the status.
    Ordered from ScenicExpress and got the order in three days.
    Any other suggestions?
  7. Nelson B

    Nelson B TrainBoard Member

    My experience with them was also horrendous.

    Caboose Hobbies and Walthers both stock Scalecoat
  8. FriscoCharlie

    FriscoCharlie Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    As InternetTrains is the largest advertiser on this site, I have ordered from them and have never had any problem.

    I've communicated with the owner many times and I know that they are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

    If you had an issue, I would have suggested taking it directly to them.

  9. AtlanticFlier

    AtlanticFlier TrainBoard Supporter

    I painted an undec KATO SD-40-2 with Cornell Red.

    Got reminded of an old lesson - always paint a primer coat. The engine cab part and the body tinted (dried) to different shades......

    So, a coat of light gray wil be required to provide a base color for parts.

    I had thought that Cornell Red would be dark enough to not matter -
    Wrong ! :)

  10. DocGeoff

    DocGeoff TrainBoard Member

    I went that route with no success. Finally got fed up. Too many responsive dealers advertise also. It is not my intent to disparage Internet Trains I am just stating facts.
  11. Pete Nolan

    Pete Nolan TrainBoard Supporter

    Every purchaser eventually has issues with vendors. I know I have, even with some of the most highly regarded vendors on the Internet or here locally in Albuquerque, and not just with trains. I take the viewpoint that vendors make mistakes, just like I do. I've ordered the wrong stuff, both with trains and household goods. I've received the wrong stuff on my correct order, both with trains and household goods. In business, I've dealt with horrendous mistakes that could have costed my employer tens of millions of dollars.

    I, too, have gotten really fed up, usually with suppliers such as subcontract writers who give me inferior product or service. I've mellowed a lot, and found that it is easier to work with someone to resolve a problem than to perpetuate it by firing them. I guess I've learned that if someone is earnestly trying to resolve a problem, then it will be resolved to mutual satisfaction. It may take a while, and involve a lot of rehashing of grievances, but it can eventually happen.

    Some of my best suppliers are those that I've had a fight with. If I'd cut them off after a bad writing job, or a leaky roof repair, I couldn't count on them today. It makes my life easier to know what our mutual interests and expectations are.
  12. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    Well... I don't buy online. I'm lucky enough to be walking distance from caboose hobbies. :D

    I used scale coat II on an engine and had some slight Orange peel texture. I think it was my spray technique. I was probably too close to the shell I was painting. Thanks for the tip. Otherwise, I'd say it's really nice paint.
  13. Powersteamguy1790

    Powersteamguy1790 Permanently dispatched

    I've had no problems with Internet Trains, the few times I've ordered from them. They ran a great sale on new Kato Mikado's several years ago at $69/loco.

    Stay cool and run steam.....:cool::cool:
  14. AtlanticFlier

    AtlanticFlier TrainBoard Supporter

    Geeky - I had a similar thing when the can became near empty. I think that the paint sprays better when the cans are from 1/4 to full. below 1/4, 'funny' things can happen.............

    Overall I am pleased with the results and quick process & clean-up. I will 'fine tune' the process as I work with the cans more.

  15. watash

    watash Passed away March 7, 2010 TrainBoard Supporter In Memoriam

    Communication is the most important thing between a customer and supplier. Internet Trains may have had a problem because of the cold weather.

    I understand that even radio broadcasts up in Maine stopped for awhile. Scientists speculated that it got so cold, radio waves froze into ice bergs! :D
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  16. doofus

    doofus TrainBoard Supporter

    You must have nerves of steel! I would be overdrawn every month if I was in your shoes!![​IMG]
  17. Ray Stilwell

    Ray Stilwell TrainBoard Member

    Steven, If you want the "Cornell Red" to match the actual Lehigh Valley official paint chip, you must apply the Scalecoat II paint over a black undercoat. Otherwise it will not match the real paint.

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