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  1. Geep_fan

    Geep_fan TrainBoard Member

    Hi all

    I could have sworn I saw a picture or 2 of an ATSF SD9 (maybe an SD7) a few years back. However I can't find any records that they owned any SD9's or SD7's.

    Was this just somthing my brain came up with on a sleepy night or did santa fe have SD9's or SD7's?


  2. Mr. SP

    Mr. SP TrainBoard Member

    ATSF SD9's

    SD7's or SD9's on the Santa Fe? It never happened. Santa Fe never owned any SD units until the SD24's came out. Then they bought I think around fifty units.
  3. Geep_fan

    Geep_fan TrainBoard Member

    musta been a really late night for me.

    Oh well. I have 2 spare SD9's laying around, fictional sounds good to me.
  4. Flash Blackman

    Flash Blackman Staff Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    How about some "pool" power or lease units?
  5. Geep_fan

    Geep_fan TrainBoard Member

    well. I found the picture I was reffering to. It was an SP SD9 in an Santa fe's barstow yard.
  6. SSW9389

    SSW9389 TrainBoard Member

    Santa Fe had 80 SD24s, all purchased new from EMD in two orders from 1959-1960.

  7. TrainBoard Member Advertiser

    The demonstrator(s) may have done a tour on the ATSF and you could do them that way.
  8. mcjaco

    mcjaco TrainBoard Member

    Guess I can tell my Dad that the ATSF SD9 from Athearn he bought me as a kid was a waste. :lol:
  9. Mr. SP

    Mr. SP TrainBoard Member

    Could class it up with Espee Black Widow paint and details

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