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    Hi crew-

    I just acquired some Alco FA2s and am planning on painting them into SP&S. I know they had several different paint schemes, most famously the "cigar band" scheme. I have a A-B-B-A set and want to do them somewhat different but cant find any good photos.
    One of the B units I will paint the solid green with the gold striping and lettering. The others I am not sure about.

    Do any of you out there have any good pictures showing the different paint schemes used by the SP&S on these units?

  2. GP9BN1799

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    ryan check the following sites rr-fallenflags.org or bn photo archives or locophotos or rr photo archives just the few i can think of
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    Unless my memory is faulty, aren't there photos in the Four Ways West SP&S Color Pictorial? Maybe one of the UNW Club folks has a copy you can borrow?

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