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Discussion in 'N Scale' started by mtaylor, May 30, 2006.

  1. mtaylor

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    I have begun work on Track Plan 7.0 of the Canton Division.

    I am a bit stuck with the steel mill track plan. I have been searching the Internet and have found a few. Does anyone here have a track plan to include the blast furnace and rolling mill? Also, Coke Plant. Were these often operated nearby or elsewhere?

    Another question,
    I am modeling the modern era, are blast furnaces still in use?
  2. MasonJar

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  3. Matthew Roberts

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    Steel Works Did You Say?


    this is a wonderful website about steel & coke works:


    Much information about coke & steel plants, along with pictures; he is also modeling a steel mill in 1:160.
  4. Kenneth L. Anthony

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    Some model publication refereences re modeling steel mills and related operations....

    Scrap operations. _RR Mod Craftsman_ Nov91 p.86
    Scrapyard in North Carolina ships 40-60 carloads/month
    _Mod RRer_ Oct90 p.74

    steel mill, in-plant switching operations
    _Mod RRer_ Jan99 p.140
    switching a steel mill: handling hot metal and slag cars, timing ModRRer Apr03 p106

    Beehive coke ovens. _Mod RRer_ June81 p.100
    Blast furnace; Dean Freytag prize model._RMC_ Nov79 p.87
    Blast furnance: Paint and weather Mod RRer Nov02 p.96
    General layout of steel mill, buildings, processes, in-plant RR
    traffic. Steel mill layout suggestion. _Mod RRer_ Nov50 p.12
    N steel mill from Walthers HO kit, extensive article on detailing,
    operations, traffic _N Scale_ MarApr98 p.24
    part 2. _N Scale_ MayJun98 p.34
    Severna Park steel mill- world largest HO bldg? _MR_ Nov84 p.109
    Davies Steel mill by Freytag pt.1 coke plant _Mod RRer_ Apr91 p.72
    pt.2 supportin structures for coke plant _Mod RRer_ June91 p.107
    pt.3 coke plant specialized rail vehicles _Mod RRer_ Oct91 p.116
    Dean Freitag's HO Davies Steel, aka South Ridge Lines Model Railroader Nov 03 p.60
  5. mtaylor

    mtaylor Staff Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Thanks guys, I think I have enough to start some research.
  6. hhg3law

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    Matt --

    The guys at Peach Creek Shops are the experts in steel modeling. They have been very helpful to me on a couple of occasions.

    And thanks for the tip about the KATO transmission towers...they just look so...Japanese!


  7. mtaylor

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    Awesome website. I have been looking through the various gallery pics. Like many quests for answers, more questions are found than answers :)

    I noticed many of the feature layouts had blast furnaces and rolling mills and several other structures. This leads me to the question, what structures are required at a steel mill?

    I had planned on a blast furnace, rolling mill and a coke plan nearby.
  8. hhg3law

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    Matt --

    I certainly am no expert. On my layout I have the Cornerstone blast furnace, the rolling mill, the power plant and am adding the machine shop. The guys at Peach Creek have been very helpful -- even down to the point of explaining where certain blast furnace parts should be mounted in the Cornerstone model when the directions weren't particularly clear. I would drop them an email for their input. On a related matter, the Peach Creek guys have a hot metal car kit available -- which seems to be about the only place to find one in N scale. Have you built the blast furnace yet? I finally managed to get the main building put together and now am taking a little time off before I finish. I was about to run out of energy for that project! Regards. Hal

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