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Discussion in 'N Scale' started by rush2ny, Nov 7, 2004.

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    TAKE A MODEL TRAIN TO WORK DAY: Each November the model railroading community moves into express mode with Take a Model Train to Work Day, marking the beginning of the hobby's busiest season. On Friday, November 12, 2004, Model Trains: the World's Greatest Hobby encourages model railroaders around the country to bring their favorite locomotive or other hobby artifacts to work and show off their love of the hobby to friends and colleagues. "This is the fourth annual Take a Model Train to Work Day, with enthusiasm and participation growing each year," said Model Railroader Editor Terry Thompson. "Take a Model Train to Work Day embodies the spirit of community and volunteerism behind the World's Greatest Hobby initiative and heralds the hobby's high season that extends through the holidays." More than 500,000 American adults enjoy the model railroading hobby, spending $500 million annually. Model Trains: the World's Greatest Hobby was established to raise visibility for model railroading in all its forms, from classic toy trains to the latest digital innovations. From large manufacturers and hobby shops to local clubs and individual hobbyists, the model railroading world has rallied around the campaign. Over 1,100 model train clubs and 776 hobby shops participate in the outreach program. More than 1,170 model railroaders have volunteered as Ambassadors to discuss the hobby with community and civic organizations, aided in their presentations by a video starring actor and enthusiast Michael Gross. To date this year, the campaign has distributed more than 60,000 introductory booklets, 393 videos and 463 DVDs. Participants are encouraged to send photos and success stories from Take a Model Train to Work Day to Model Trains: the World's Greatest Hobby, P.O. Box 1612, Waukesha, WI 53187-1612. A selection of submissions will be published at www.greatesthobby.com and in affiliated magazines. To learn more about Take a Model Train to Work Day or Model Trains: the World's Greatest Hobby please contact Zachary Hastings Hooper or Emily Boak, The Rosen Group, at 212.255.8455. (Model Railroad Industry Association - posted 11/05)
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    Evening all,

    In conjuction with Take You Model Train to work Day I will be taking a G Scale car that I have applied advertising to for the company I work for. This car will run at a restrant in Clovis, CA called The Red Caboose. Each side of the restrant has a G sacle fingure eight running above the customers for their enjoyment during their meal. All or maybe I should say most of the cars on the train have advertising for the local area business.

    The car is pulled for free as long as the owner of the car wishes. I am sure as this becomes more popular there will be time limits, but for right now there are no limits. ;)

    I am going tomorrow afternoon to take a picture of the car in an outdoor setting and I will post it here.


    WP LIVES (and so does the ATSF) :D
  3. Brett C. Cammack

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    I have a nice little oak-based, acrylic-covered display case with an N-scale, Bachmann 4-4-0 B&O trailing three MDC Roundhouse 40' Overton's. It sits at eye-level on the bookcase beside my desk 24x7x365. [​IMG]

    I get a few comments every month on it.

    I also have a nice aerial photo of the Savannah yard and roundhouse of the Central of Georgia circa 1947 framed on the opposite wall.

    They're effective conversation starters.
  4. wig-wag-trains.com

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    Has a day been set for this year yet?
  5. LehmanNWMS

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    I have a very nice picture of a k-36 durango and silverton in the snow, and then i alternate that with the golden spike black and white picture on my desktop... i get many comments on it. Right now in my office i have my bachmann 2-6-6-2 with a home brew plexi case.... many people think its an incredibly impressive loco, next week i will switch it out with my IM tunnel motor in SP Kadachrome. I have the boss convinced that i can now have a small switch layout in n scale on my desk as long as i can still function

    BALOU LINE TrainBoard Member


    This is from "The Worlds Greatest Hobby" site:

    Take a Model Train to Work Day 2006
    Share your love of the hobby with co-workers on Friday, November 10, which is the sixth annual "Take a Model Train to Work Day."
    Never though I'd be bummed out that I don't work on Fridays!
  7. Jim Wiggin

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    Hmm, take a model train to work day, that is almost an every day thing for me here:D I may run a small Uni-Track layout though.
  8. JCater

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    There is a day set aside for this? Every day is Take a Train to Work Day for me as I have a static display of an old Rivarossi 4-4-0 and passennger set on my desk...

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