Tank car use, downturn?

Discussion in 'The Ready Track' started by BoxcabE50, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Just this month, Watco has stored a quantity of UTLX tank cars on their regional short line in NW Montana. All appear to be in series 9006xx. Anyone have an idea why these cars are not needed at present? Interesting- All have been freshly repainted during March of 2012.
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    Hi Ken:

    I don't know why the tanks are being stored on Eastern Idaho? But I do know that several of our railroads are storing excess freight cars for a number of companies. As I understand it, many of the new tanks may be slated to handle Balkan crude out of North Dakota where we have several, new, transload sites to bring it via BNSF to Oklahoma.
    Around here in Kansas there are only two principal car types: hoppers and tanks and they are all tied up hauling grains and oil feed stocks.

  3. BoxcabE50

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    These particular cars are stored on the Mission Mountain. Freshly painted last month. I thought about the Bakken, but wondered about them being stored a fair distance away. Then again I have heard that yards and other tracks back in ND are being plugged up frequently, unable to handle the traffic generated by this boom.

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