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Discussion in 'N Scale' started by Tbone, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. Tbone

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    The club that I belong to has its N scale modular layout up and running and also the HO scale is running.Both layouts have a ton of scenery to go but I put down the glue and picked up he camera and got a few shots of our N scale layout.If you are ever in middle Tennessee make sure and stop by The Tennessee Valley Model Railroad club in Murfreesboro Tennessee which is 20 minutes south of Nashville off of I-24.Here are a few photos.



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  5. Hytec

    Hytec TrainBoard Supporter

    Very impressive, Tom, Thanks!
  6. Allen

    Allen TrainBoard Member

    Great photos. Is your modular layout Ntrak? I especially like the yard since I'm in the process of building a similar yard for my Ntrak club. PM me, I'd like to have a further conversatio on how the yard modules are connected.
    Federal Way, WA
  7. OC Engineer JD

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    Looks great!!! :)
  8. Caleb Austin

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    Nice! I particularly like the engine facility and the yard. Good stuff.
  9. Leo Bicknell

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    Is your setup open to the public at all? I'd love to see it next time I'm in Nashville.
  10. Tbone

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    Yes we are open every Saturday and Sunday to the public from 9am to 4pm.Actually Leo you ran on some of our modules at the WGH show in Nashville.My module is the one that had the bridge under construction that is on your web page.Come by and see us anytime.
  11. porkypine52

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    I can tell you all that the Tennessee Valley Model Railroad Club is a class act. I was in Murfreesboro to pick up some track work from TBONE and following his directions, stopped by the club's layout room. IMPRESSIVE is say the least, good friendly people, very nice meeting site, and the atmosphere is TOP OF THE LINE! If you are in Murfreesboro on a weekend, make sure you stop by. You won't be disappointed.
  12. Leo Bicknell

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    Yup! I remembered you guys being there, but couldn't remember which modules went with which club.

    We get up there twice a year or so, I'll make sure we stop by next time we're that direction.
  13. Tbone

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    Hey thanks for the comments and BTW how did the helix work out?
  14. jsoflo

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    The layout looks very nice, how big is that? I'll be up that way in October visiting my brother in Murfreesboro, hope to stop in then!
    my best,
  15. Tbone

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    Jan you better stop by so we can meet.Just make sure and bring some engines to run on the layout or if not just come by and we have plenty of stuff you can run.As for the layout it is about 120 feet around the loop and has all four NTRAK lines.But seriously please make time to stop by and check us out as I stated we are open to the public Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 4 and also there on Tuesday nights for our meetings.I can pm you my cell number if you make it up.
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  17. pilotdude

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    Looks great, Tbone. I need to get up there one weekend!
  18. SecretWeapon

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    I like the NJT train.:tb-cool:
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  20. stewarttrains98

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    nice looking layout. thanks for the pics.

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