The Official 2011 Galesburg RR Days Thread

Discussion in 'Railfanning Discussions' started by Jim Wiggin, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I am pleased to announce that Trainboard in conjunction with Railfan Railroad Magazine - The Best Railroad News, Features, and Photography and Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine - Model railroads, construction skills and technique, product reviews and more! have teamed up to bring you a special edition of the 2011 Galesburg RR Days show!

    You have heard me talk of this show in years past, but this year we have some special things going on here at Trainboard. Every summer, railfans and model railroaders come to the town of Galesburg Illinois for three days of prototype BNSF and Amtrak action, model railroad displays, vendors, collectables and food and even events for the entire family. Galesburg is home to the BNSF railway and boasts some of the best locations in Illinois for non stop railfanning. On Saturday and Sunday, Carl Sandburg College puts on one of the largest model train shows in the midwest as well as hosts die-cast collectable show and military and antique tractor show. This years event starts on June 25 - 26 but the prototype action is always busy with many of us showing up on Thursday. For more information on the 2011 Galesburg RR Days, select the link in my signature.

    What you can see on Trainboard and what you can do to participate:
    Carstens Publications has teamed up with Trainboard to offer a first here. Starting this week, we are running a four part Prototype Photography Contest with winners chosen each week. The winner will receive the new Great Railroad Photography from Railfan & Railroad. We have four themes, a different one for each week and all to do with Galesburg Illinois. We start the challenge with CB&Q, then Santa Fe, Burlington Northern then end with a special BNSF theme. Mark Watson is leading this contest and you can read more of the details here:

    Next, be looking for a special thread in the N scale forum for this years Galesburg Tribute Locomotive build. This locomotive represents the city of Galesburg, it's railroad history as well as the man who documented it, Jim Boyd, the man who started Railfan & Railroad and who passed away this past year. You will be able to follow along as I detail, paint, decal and weather this unique locomotive. Once finished, it will be on display at the Galesburg RR Days Model Train Show along with Bill Selleck's Galesburg RR Station in N. We may even have some surprises in that thread, thanks to Railroad Model Craftsman.

    Finally, not able to make this years festivities? No worries, we will have a photos uploaded nightly covering the journey in Jess the Railfan Jeep and covering both the activities in Galesburg and surrounding areas of BNSF and Amtrak action as well as the model train show.

    This year is going to be a great event! If you live anywhere near Galesburg (and even if you don't) make your plans NOW! Select the link in my signature for more information. I will also be posting a special blog entry this weekend giving you all the details you may need, lodging, food, railfan locations etc, so be sure to watch for that.

    Be sure to watch this thread as I will be updating it frequently and will answer your questions. Feel free to ask any questions or comments.

    Ok, our air check is good, dispatch has given us the all clear, two short bursts on the horn, lets start this!

    High Greens!
  2. fireball_magee

    fireball_magee TrainBoard Member

    Hey Jim I hopefully can get a day to get down there,but I am taking two here for my daughters fraduation so I might miss out on the Burg fun.
    If you get tired of downtown head out to Cameron or to Peck Park ( thats the spot owned by railfans) I think its Peck( cant recall the name I have been running topless for the past two days and my brainis fried)But it is right there by the Chilli and the Mendota sub ?barstow sub goes over on a bridge.

    Also over by Monmouth there are some level B roads ( IE DIRT) so you can "wheel" and fan at the same time.
  3. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Awesome, another Jeep fan. Me and Jess the railfan Jeep will be in town Thursday the 23rd, top down. Hopefully we can meet and do some Jeep/Geepin'.

    Yes Cameron is awesome! I got four trains in one picture there in 2004. Peck Park is also a great place to fan and lets not forget the overpass.

    Hope you can make it!
  4. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

  5. fireball_magee

    fireball_magee TrainBoard Member

    I am hoping. I usually make every railroad days. Heck I even got to run the ES 44 over there a couple of years ago.I have a new GF who Id love to bring down, she is interested in what I do and she even says" Its a Jeep thing and I am begining to understand :D " Yay me!
  6. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Sweet, My girlfriend loves my Jeep and her daughter wants mine badly! She doesn't understand the train thing as much but hopefully she can make it up for RR Days.
  7. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Hey guys, if your interested, the information for what to do, stay and where to eat in Galesburg is finally done. You can view it here:Going to Galesburg? Here is your information! -

    If your thinking of going, I would highly recommend reading through it. I have links for hotels, restaurants attractions as well as places to fan.

  8. fireball_magee

    fireball_magee TrainBoard Member

    Found out mine likes trains too lol Anyway there is some great spots there by the Depot area. If you can go to Coney Dogs. place is AWESOME!!!!Your other food choices are excellent! The Packinghouse is great! Crappies bar is a railroader hang out and you can see the main line going to the Mendota and barstow Subs.Great burgers and nice atmosphere.

    Take the yard tour if you can, it is very informative.Also DO NOT GO ONTO BNSF PROPERTY!!!!!! Holy cow I cant stress this enough. It looks inviting to hang in the parking lot by the hump but thats a no no. That big tower has a trainmaster,Yard control and yardmaster in it and they will not hesitate to call the law.

    Thirwell bridge? We called it county 10 bridge. There are cameras at the Hostler shack and trimmer building that can be used to check the bridge.You will be watched so be cool and you will have no problems there.

    At Cameron a lil tidbit of historical info for you.The open area to the north of the BNSF main was at one time the Rock Island Southern interurban line monmouth to galesburg section. Also near there is a guy with a ton of old signal equipment in his yard. Cant recall the name of the town further west on theold Santa Fe but there is this huge bridge there.Great shots can be taken from the town under it.

    Galesburg is a great town!If you make it I hope you enjoy!
  9. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    The Official 2011 Galesburg RR Days CB&Q GP40 Tribute Locomotive is done! Work was finished last night. We had a decent thread going on in the N scale forum.


    The model along with Bill Selleck's scratch built Galesburg Station, will be on display during the model train show at the Carl Sandburg College in the Library on Saturday and Sunday.

    There will also be many other displays and layouts from Z to O scale. This show has a lot of HO and N, so if those are your scales, your in for a treat. There are dealers coming from 11 states so your sure to find something.

    Also it has been brought up of having an informal Trainboard member meet up. Post here or PM me and if we get enough interest, we'll plan on meeting at Peck Park or downtown.

    High Greens!

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