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Discussion in 'Layout Design Discussion' started by jelvis, May 4, 2012.

  1. jelvis

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    I am currently trying to come up with a track plan for an Ho scale "doughnut" style layout.The layout will be an around the walls type layout 12x14,24 inches wide,with a 3x7 ft. peninsula.I would like a yard,a good amount of industrial switching,and a continuious run for modern equipment.I would like a staging yard,but not sure where on the layout to put it.
    Thank you,Jelvis
  2. paulus

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    and what is the question?

    You could start with a drawing of your room; with doors windows and all other obstacles drawn in.
    I don't like a wide shelf at the entrance of the room. You will have to enter the room with loads of stuff a million times;
    a simple lift-out, drop-leave or cassette would be a heaven for your back and skull.

    Since you do not answer to my postings, but just start a new thread again and again, i have the feeling i'd better leave you alone.

    Wish you luck behind the drawing board.
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    You might get some inspirations by checking out the Model Railroader website -- they have a "track plan database" that may give you some ideas. Also, I am sure you've heard about John Armstrong's book "Track Planning for Realistic Operation", which provides some really sound fundamental ideas that are most always useful as you develop your plan. Also, there are lots of other publications covering various topics you will find of interest, including benchwork, scenery and DCC.....

  4. jelvis

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    Let me know if you get this reply.I'm still trying to figure out how to make replies.I'm new to this.
  5. jelvis

    jelvis TrainBoard Member

    Thank you so much.
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    To reply to a thread, click the "Reply to Thread" button below the last post on the page. The button looks like this:

    Also, in my opinion it's helpful for everyone if you keep all of your questions about the same layout in ONE thread, instead of starting a new thread every time you think of a new question.

    - Jeff
  7. paulus

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    hi Jelvis,
    it seems to me you know pretty well how to get an answer on this thread. So i am starting to think you are not sure what you could write down.

    IMHO you could always do a couple of things:

    Make a drawing of your room, with doors, windows, heaters and or other obstacles clearly indicated. And if you want responses show that drawing on here.

    Before going to the drawing board for track-planning write down the way you picture your empire. Be specific about the kind of railroad, equipment, era and locale. You did a rather good job (tell me if i am not mistaken): you want a modern switching layout, with auto racks. And some continuous running and staging. No information about the locale is given nor if you want to model an existing railroad, e.g. the BNSF in the Chicago suburbs, or the Southern somewhere in rural Georgia.

    The balance between some continuous running and a proper working mainline is a tricky one. Very important however, beside the possibility to change your benchwork, is to choose an appropriate minimum radius. For modern long autoracks i would never go under 30", you might choose differently of course, not only for looks but also for reliable operation. The same applies for turnouts, #6's at least.

    One last remark, words like yard or loop have many meanings. Your yard could be just some tracks for storage, or with loads of tracks for classification, or to ease switching a bunch of industries. Especially when cars are not in the right order, empties have to be pulled first and in more inconvenient circumstances a few extra tracks to get some cars out off the way and a run-around can be very welcome. This kind of yard is called a relief yard. You might know what you mean when you use the word yard, some one else might be left in riddles.

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