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Discussion in 'N Scale' started by Chaya, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Chaya

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    Among my other odd acquisitions from past years is a Roco crane with flatcar, sold as a ConCor and manufactured in Austria. Mine even has a correct paint scheme for ATSF in my year (1969)--but as far as I can tell, the Santa Fe never used anything like it. It also comes in a black ATSF scheme, a UP scheme, a PRR scheme, and several others. People are selling them on ebay, and other people are snapping them up. What in the heck are they? For instance--perhaps they are UP cranes, or perhaps Roco even got them from some Austrian prototype. (Or just made them up over a beer?) Perhaps I am overly concerned with details, but I would feel very odd having this strange crane on my ATSF layout.

    Does anyone else here have one of these, and has anyone figured out the story on them?
  2. BoxcabE50

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    I'm trying to remember the story behind this item. I owned one years ago. Seems as though it was originally modeled on a European prototype?

    Not much else can be had. Except via scratch building, or bashing this one to look as desired.


    Boxcab E50
  3. AB&CRRone

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    I have an ATSF crane and boom car. Not sure of manufacturer (imported by AHM, made in Austria) and I've it 30 or more years. The crane is black with a boxcar red cab with ATSF white lettering. It has separate pegs (never used) to operate the crane. The boom car is a black flat with a support for the crane boom and boxcar car red sides. I never wondered about the prototype and it resides in a drawer most of the time.

    I bought a newer one painted all black, Con-Cor I think, but have not seen it lately. May have tossed it after using the 6-wheel trucks for something else.

  4. Chaya

    Chaya TrainBoard Supporter

    Yeah, it sorta looks European. It was bought as a gift for me about 10 or 11 years ago.

    I think the new Bachmann crane & tender looks pretty close to prototype. At least it's bashable--whereas this one would take an awful lot of work.

    It's kinda cute, tho. Maybe I should just try to relax and enjoy it. :teeth:
  5. Chaya

    Chaya TrainBoard Supporter

    I've only had mine around 10 years. Looking on ebay, it seems to me that this particular body type has been around in N scale for a long time. You obviously have an early one.

    Well, I'm just stumped. I really like to know what it is that I'm operating. :hmm4er:
  6. Frank Campagna

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  7. Grey One

    Grey One TrainBoard Supporter

    Use it stationary, (mounted on a platform), at a junk yard or some place.
  8. MP333

    MP333 TrainBoard Supporter

    ...Or letter it for a fictional line.
  9. oldrk

    oldrk TrainBoard Supporter

    picture please
  10. MRLdave

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    Virtually every railroad has at least one of those big cranes somewhere. I'm not sure about exact styles though. Bachmann sells a steam version of the crane you're talking about...... Montana Rail Link (which I model) has one of these cranes converted to diesel. The cab and chassis on the MRL is an almost exactly the same as the bachmann, but the boom is like the ConCor/AHM. Can you say "kitbash"! Take a Bachmann crane, cut off the smokestack, add a ConCor boom,a little paint, and it's a dead ringer for the real thing.....oh yeah....use the ConCor tender car.
  11. ljudice

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    It's definitely a European prototype... Probably nothing like it still in service much of anywhere. There are still a few big hooks around but generally for big construction projects railroads use road-based machines and for wrecks they outsource to Hulcher and other who use sideboom rigged bulldozers.

    Of course there are surely exceptions!
  12. Chaya

    Chaya TrainBoard Supporter

    Per your request!

    As you can see, it has many features of the ATSF derrick and flatcar--but the shape of the body is all wrong. Kinda squarish...

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  13. Triplex

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  14. Kenneth L. Anthony

    Kenneth L. Anthony TrainBoard Supporter

    I will have to look through my bibliograph of plans and photos of ATSF derricks to see if any are like this. Santa Fe had quite a roster of derricks.

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