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Discussion in 'N Scale' started by 3DTrains, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. 3DTrains

    3DTrains TrainBoard Supporter

    Are Bachmann and Model Power the only game in town when it comes to plastic Vanderbilt tenders? I wish to model late SP steam, but even with a popular US prototype, it appears that I am at a disadvantage.

    Is there any other manufacturers out there that make these, or is the only other recourse brass?
  2. Wings & Strings

    Wings & Strings TrainBoard Member

    There used to be a small company or two that made vanderbilt kits, I think, but they're probably long gone by now...

    As far as what's available, the model power tender will work for moguls, connies, tenwheelers, etc, and bachmann's 6-axle tender will work for mountains, decs, sp-class, etc. Bachmann's newer midsize vandy from their H-4 mallet could be bashed into something for mikes & pacifics.

    But remember, square tenders were abundant, too. Some espee connies had square tenders (see below; second engine) and so did gs-series northerns, several pacifics, twelve-wheelers, and more. And don't forget whalebacks!

    Other than that, brass is the only option as far as I'm aware...

  3. Mark Watson

    Mark Watson TrainBoard Member

    When I bought my GHQ pickup truck for Mr. Delphos' Grocery store, they included a flier with an advertised SP 12,000 Gallon Vanderbilt Tender kit for $39.95. It said "Coming this winter".

    I even sent in a query to GHQ around September last year and they had said later that fall. :tb-wacky:

    Deep down, I'm glad they're not out yet.. I'm broke already.

    But deep deep down, I just hope these were not canceled. :nailbiting:

    Let me see if I can dig up the flier and scan a photo...
  4. SPsteam

    SPsteam TrainBoard Member

    Those are what you can use. You can get most of them off ebay or as parts from Bachmann's parts department. The Bmann vandy tender can be shortened to approximate a SP 120-C-8 tender or you can use the 160C1 tender from the 4-8-4. Another option is a 220R1 tender from kato or Concor GS-4 for use on a few select engines (one 2-10-2 that I know of and perhaps others). I scratchbuilt a whaleback from USRA long tender. There are many ways to kitbash based on current availability, it just takes a bit of work sometimes.
  5. Mark Watson

    Mark Watson TrainBoard Member

    Here's the photo.. Maybe someone has more info about this product?


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  6. 3DTrains

    3DTrains TrainBoard Supporter

    Waaaaaa!!!!!!! I want one!

    Thanks for the info, fellas. I'll keep my eyes peeled for deals. :thumbs_up:
  7. SPsteam

    SPsteam TrainBoard Member

    Me to, I could use 3 or 4 of these. GHQ, please make this!!
  8. skipgear

    skipgear TrainBoard Member

    N Scale vanderbilt tenders:

    Seprately available -

    Bachmann - C&O VC16
    Model Power - short SP style
    Con-Cor/Rivarossi - B&O large vanderbilt (from EL series mallet)

    Available w/loco -

    Bachmann - 4-8-4 Northern w/Medium Oil Vandy
    Bachmann - 2-6-6-2 H4 w/ C&O VC12
    ConCor - 4-8-4 Northern S-2 w/Large Oil Vandy

    Others offered but no longer out there -

    Tichy - Copy of Con-Cor B&O Vanderbilt
    Tichy - Shortened Copy of B&O Vanderbilt (Not sure on true heritage of that one)
    Gloor Craft - Brass Short Vanderbilt kit
    ??? - Medium Brass Vanderbilt kit (can't remember manufacture, one on Ebay recently.)
  9. Mark Watson

    Mark Watson TrainBoard Member

    I suggest sending them an email inquiry. If they get enough inquires I'm sure they'll get back to work on the project soon. :)

    Also suggest to GHQ an N Scale version of their HO Material Handler!! :D :D These would be a must have on any N Scale layout!

    [End side-track]
  10. Wings & Strings

    Wings & Strings TrainBoard Member

    That's SP 2353's tender.

    :tb-biggrin:I could really, uhh......



  11. r_i_straw

    r_i_straw Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I kitbashed one of the Model Power tenders into a "Clear View" to hang behind a Bachmann 2-8-0.

  12. 3DTrains

    3DTrains TrainBoard Supporter

    Great info guys! Thank you for sharing. :)
  13. BNSF Dash 9

    BNSF Dash 9 TrainBoard Member

    Is that tender still on the "to do" list or for sale yet?
  14. Charlie Vlk

    Charlie Vlk TrainBoard Member

    The "Tichy" Vanderbilt WAS the Rivarossi tender and it was not Tichy but rather Dimi-Trains who imported it. DimiTrains contracted to have the kit line made and the title for the tooling apparently reverted to Tichy upon the demise of the owner of DimiTrains and his heirs and company. There was no short version of the Vanderbilt tender,
    only the IHB 0-8-0 tender (which was their choice to go along with the Rotary Snowplow).
    AFAIK the Bachmann and Model Power tenders are the only SP ones made in plastic of this type....the Con-Cor S2 tender being a GN prototype. The Rivarossi is a tender from a B&O S1 2-10-2.
    Charlie Vlk
  15. Babbo_Enzo

    Babbo_Enzo TrainBoard Member

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