Walthers Grain Elevator

Discussion in 'N Scale' started by Norm P, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. Norm P

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    I'm starting construction on my ADM Grain Elevator. I realize the silos are supposed to be concrete and the loading shed is corrugated metal, but of what is the elevator building supposed to be constructed? It's the same white as the silos, so should I make it concrete as well? Anyone got pictures of one you've built and weathered?

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  2. RoadRunner

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  3. Norm P

    Norm P TrainBoard Member

    Yeah I've seen the pics, but I just want to be sure I don't make a concrete building where it should be something else. Unfortunately in the photo it just looks like what it is--white plastic.

    I want to paint and weather as much as possible while building the kit instead of trying to do it after the thing is together, so I don't want to get too far into things until I know for sure what is what.
  4. Mr. SP

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    Grain elevator

    The Harvest States elevator at Kalama wn. is all concrete and is a big elevator.
    the Longview Kelso & Rainier club has the Walthers grain elevator in H O on the layout. It's supposed to be my project to finish and detail it but I'm in the same fix as you. What colour do I paint it or should I leave it white and letter it with just the tops of the silos painted?
    In the photo of the layout the elevator is seen. We added a set of extra silos but still need the office building and details.

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  5. Glenn Woodle

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    The building is made from concrete. I've seen some buildings where it appears the concrete had been poured in different batches. This produces the effect of different bands of color.

    The Parthenon here in Nashville is made from concrete. With age, it gets a brownish tone. A cleaning project can lighten the effect. The color seems to come from the color of the sand used to make the concrete.

    In sum, the color will depend on how new & profitable you want the silo to be. Weathering can bring streaks of rust, with streaks from the rain. Any grain spilled will attract birds & droppings.
  6. J Long

    J Long TrainBoard Member

    We have some corn storage facilities for ethanol production around here. The elevators as well as silos are concrete. I recall one having the concrete sealed and painted white. Probably for appearance and to reflect the sun and keep it from baking the corn.
  7. Norm P

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  8. Inkaneer

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    Or popping it!
  9. Norm P

    Norm P TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for the help gentlemen. I posted my last post without refreshing the page and didn't see the last few responses. It's the first structure I've built since I was a teenager, so I want to get everything right. My desire to get the details right is somewhat greater than it was 20 years ago.
  10. BNSF FAN

    BNSF FAN TrainBoard Supporter

    I seen a few buildings similar to the model and best I can remember, the section you are asking about was indeed concrete.
  11. Mr. SP

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    Grain Elevator

    Tried to add these photos to the above post but they wouldn't go so trying again.

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  12. MRLdave

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    I don't think I've ever seen an elevator of that type that WASN'T white at least at some point in it's life, even though they are made of concrete....if the plastic look bothers you, paint it concrete, then paint it white and weather it to simulate peeling paint with the concrete showing through.
  13. Norm P

    Norm P TrainBoard Member

    That's kind of what I was thinking. The pictures I've seen show a white structure, but I wasn't sure what the texture should be. Now I've got some idea of which way to go with it.
  14. sillystringtheory

    sillystringtheory TrainBoard Member

    At Home Depot, I found Rustoleum brand fine textured paint in low luster white.
    I sprayed my elevator buildings and the silos that I had made from grey electrical conduit and they look pretty authentic as far as color and texture is concerned. A great base finish for weathering I would say.
  15. BobD

    BobD TrainBoard Member

    If I may be so bold, but Google Images can be your friend. Granted there a ton of grain elevators, but find one that flops your mop.
  16. oldrk

    oldrk TrainBoard Supporter

    In rural America it seems most elevators buildings are white while the actual silos are concrete with no paint or painted white.
  17. bman

    bman TrainBoard Member

    I've seen both unpainted and painted concrete ones. Like mentioned above, I used google images for the one I built for a friend and left it concrete in color unpainted.
  18. nscalerone

    nscalerone TrainBoard Member

    I used "Tamiya" white primer.................gives a nice painted concrete look, I then added rust streaks, and dirt weathering like you see on most of the real ones around here.
    Some have many "primer" spots, where they are undergoing maintenance and re-paint.
    Some have flaked or peeled paint, show no signs of maintenance, and are showing the concrete through.
  19. HuskerN

    HuskerN TrainBoard Member

    having dumped grain at many elevators personally, I would recommend a base coat of white, but then at least some level of weathering to depict either aging paint, or varying shades due to the concrete pouring phases. Unless it was painted recently, white ages quickly. A good weathering would produce the most authentic replica in my opinion.

    Google "grain elevators" and have your choice of hundreds of images.

    In addition to the silos, many elevators are piling grain on the ground and either tarping, or leaving exposed depending on how long the pile will set before it's loaded in unit trains. That would be a very unique modeling opportunity in N scale in addition to the common and traditional silo structure.


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