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Discussion in 'HO Scale' started by Tbone, May 31, 2009.

  1. Tbone

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    Does anyone know a supplier of train dock bumpers (I think thats what their called)? I am looking for the whole dock door assembly including the dock doors, dock plates, and the padding that goes around the door to protect from the elements.Here is a photo of what I am looking for.http://www.crosbygaragedoors.com/images/rotary_product.jpg This photo shows one for trucks but the ones for train are more or less the same.
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    I haven't seen anything like that in H0 scale (or N scale, either). I think you could make a non-functioning type with some styrene strips.
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    I'd think the train ones would be telescopic or inflatable to get a seal, since you can't 'side' a boxcar onto the dock like they back the trucks up.
    The Walther's rail-side one certainly looks more prominent/bulky than what can be seen of the truck-side doors in that picture.
  6. Tbone

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    I found them guys.Great West Models has all the warehouse details I need and more.Thanks for the help.BTW here is the website if anyone else is interested.
    Great West Models
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    as long as it is static and non-functioning that shouldn't be to hard to put around a garage door area and mock up out of scraps. It's a grey rectangle with a little paint detail black/yellow around the door.
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    Thomas, i had no idea Great West Models had a website! Last time i looked, i could not find a site for the. They make some AWESOME detail parts and structure kits!

    The dock door surrounds that they have are for Truck Docks, but they should be fine for rail docks as well. To model one with a boxcar at the dock, you could scratch build a frame like the one in the Walthers Lakeville Warehousing kit (above link)....

    BTW, im going to need A TON of those dock door surrounds for my M&ET layout. im going to have all scratch build buildings, and with the plans i have right now, ill need just over 200 of the Dock Surround kits (about 170 truck dock doors, and about 35 rail docks) from Great West Models, luckily ill be able to order them at cost so it will save me a little money. If you havnt ordered them yet and need some, let me know.
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    Nice to see the webiste. Thanks for that link.
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    What about a wooden tie?


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