Weekend Foto Fun January 5, 2007

Discussion in 'The Inspection Pit' started by r_i_straw, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. r_i_straw

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    From the oldies files here, a shot from the back of one of my NTRAK modules where the back boards usually are.
  2. Powersteamguy1790

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    Stay cool and run steam.....:cool::cool:
  3. jwaldo

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    Not much, but it's all I have at the moment...


    Still needs, well, pretty much everything :eek:
  4. SecretWeapon

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  5. Flash Blackman

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    Staging lineup all ready for the next operating session.
  6. sp4009

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  7. Johnny Ripp

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    Freedom Train Progress. Boiler still needs to be painted black and a few details rearranged....




  8. Colonel

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    Brilliant models and photos


    Sure you have enough motive power :D


    Would love to see more of your layout.

    Here is a photo taken with my new camera.

  9. HemiAdda2d

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  10. BugNerd

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    Did you paint the locomotives? They look very nice.
  11. HemiAdda2d

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    Yes, and built them from Grant Eastman/SAR kits. Thanks!
  12. TPWMAN

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    Very Nice!!!!
  13. HemiAdda2d

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    Agreed--I'm digging the signals--who makes them? Seems to be a PRR or N&W or something; circular position....
  14. TPWMAN

    TPWMAN TrainBoard Member

  15. The signals are based on NYC's signals. They are what we call "tri lights" forming a triangular shape, red bottom, top left yellow, top right green.

    They are made by atlas,just came out and look great.
  16. atsf_arizona

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    SNFF 2007 1 7 06

    Started working on weathering and tuning the passenger locos.

    As many of you know, the too-far coupling distance between many
    of today's N scale F units, PAs, E's, etc. - has always bothered me.

    And, since the amount of space available at the ends of any of these
    covered wagons is very limited, I am a strong proponent of truck-mounted
    couplers for these applications, in order to achieve more prototypical
    coupling distances. Hence, for the moment I like to work with the
    traditional Kato Fs, PAs, E8s kind of truck mounted couplers.

    This week, I started implementing the close-coupling work on the Kato PAs
    and Kato E8s in the fleet.

    Here's several shots showing the end results.

    I should add, this coupler spacing has just enough clearance on 12" curves.
    I would think that this spacing may cause problems on 9 3/4" curves!

    - - -

    Comparing the close-coupled (rear) vs. the stock too-far distance (front):


    The couplers used. Unlike the Kato F units, in which we use the short-shank
    Unimates on both ends, the Kato PAs and E8/9s require an asymmetrical coupler
    configuration to get the spacing right:


    Here's the results, in a layout view:


    And for comparison, the too-far original spacing:


    Next, proceeding on to weathering the passenger locos and streamlined cars. As
    noted in:


    Do so is a bit different than freight. Mike Skibbe's comments in the thread above
    are just great.

  17. Hytec

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    Addressed to CI&OR....WOW!
    So said, having just viewed your run of 281. :thumbs_up:
  18. NSFan14

    NSFan14 TrainBoard Member

    Are those the old B & O styled signals???
  19. MEC_FAN

    MEC_FAN TrainBoard Member

    SW, lile those LV units under the bridge!!
    We did some wiring on the layout this week and also got two more 4' lights up and 8' of valance panel.
    Got the passenger station for Northern Maine Junction pretty well finihed and also the pump house and diesel tanks also.

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