Where's the sound off function in DCC

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by kmcsjr, May 4, 2012.

  1. kmcsjr

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    Woo Hoo. I installled an MRC 1645 in a P42. I didn't know why anyone would want diesel sound(duh!, now I know).

    That said, I don't ALWAYS want diesel sound. Doubleclicking the headlight did not do it. I can shut the sound off, if the loco is idle, by pressing F8 3 times. but it won't move until I hit F9 and start the sounds, or reverse the direction (which also starts the sounds)

    Hoping it isn't F23, unless there is a way to fast forward therough the 15ish volumes
    Also CV 49 (sound on, off) seems to need to be set on the program track. I tried it on the main and got no change. This isn't very useful either.
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  2. kmcsjr

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    simple Kapton tape use question

    The decoder installation instructions I have read and watched on you tube all recommend putting the tape on the loco frame. Why don't they recommend putting the tape on the board? I chose this path on my first installation. The tape wasn't sticking well to the frame and the bottom of the decoder was so flat, accessible and tape friendly. Is this a preference thing, or am I missing something?

    And yeah, it shoulda been a separate topic, I goofed
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    Hit F0 about 4 times in a row should shut the sound off but the horn and break squeal will still work..
  4. kmcsjr

    kmcsjr TrainBoard Member

    Nope - No luck with F0. It cycles the light, but doesn't turn off the sound like it does on my Challenger. Thanks though
  5. kmcsjr

    kmcsjr TrainBoard Member

    I stopped in at MRC in Edison today. They checked and confirmed. There is no sound off function for this decoder, except a CV change on the test track. The instructions say F12 should cycle through different motive sounds and off. F23 cycles the volume through 16 steps. Turns out, sound off was omitted on this decoder.

    Oh well. Too bad, as the sound quality IMHO, is quite good. I can't see moving it to the test track, each time I want sound off. Especially, if I might want to run 2 sound locos at once. Gotta be able to turn it off, on the fly. Hopefully, when I get decoder pro, there is a way to hack F12 and delete a sound file, effectively rendering that position, sound off.

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