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Discussion in 'The Inspection Pit' started by Flash Blackman, May 4, 2007.

  1. Flash Blackman

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    [ame=""]I liked this train video very much.[/ame] It's not so exciting like a wreck or some unusual event. It was a pleasant few minutes looking at trains with a "City of New Orleans" musical background. I think that the irony for me is that the City of New Orleans song is about trains that are disappearing, but these videos are of all current operations.

    Anyway, I liked it.

    [ame=""]Here's another.[/ame]

    [ame=""]Still more.[/ame]

    Many more all posted by stagmie.
  2. JCater

    JCater TrainBoard Member

    Those are great. I spend a lot of time on Youtube lookin at trains. Lots of great stuff...except for the $#@@ buffering on my machine.
  3. Hytec

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    Flash, that video is very nice....thanks!
  4. SteamDonkey74

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    Here's one of my youtube favorites

    Here's one of my youtube favorites.

    [ame=""]YouTube - UP Challenger 3985 Runby[/ame]

  5. JCater

    JCater TrainBoard Member

  6. wurlitzer153

    wurlitzer153 TrainBoard Member

    I posted the following links in the off-topic YouTube thread but I'll also put them here in the on-topic thread, my new comments are in brackets:

    Here's some cool model railroad vids posted by "mtrails":
    Model railroading to Beethoven [ame=""][/ame] One of my favorite movements, the Scherzo from the 9th symphony. Really highlights the power of those HO scale BNSF dash 9s :p
    Some funny outtakes: [ame=""][/ame]
    An homage to Operation Lifesaver promos: [ame=""][/ame]

    Nice crossing diamond in Hannibal, MO: [ame=""][/ame]

    Roadrailer at track speed! [ame=""][/ame]

    UP 844 & 3985 doubleheader: [ame=""]Fast pacing them[/ame] [ame=""]More shots[/ame]

    3985 runby max steam! [same link posted above] [ame=""][/ame]

    844 runby at track speed: [ame=""][/ame]

    N&W 611 [more below]: [ame=""][/ame]

    N&W 1218 [more below]: [ame=""][/ame] What a whistle!

    The world famous Marion, OH diamonds: [go to his profile to see more]
    SB CSX freight: [ame=""][/ame]
    NB NS freight taken from the tower: [ame=""][/ame]
    WB CSX with a GP9 in consist: [ame=""][/ame]
    WB CSX local with Erie caboose's peanut whistle: [ame=""][/ame]
    SB NS coal: [ame=""][/ame]
    These videos don't do the sound of the place justice, though.

    The railgrinder! [ame=""][/ame]

    Ohio Central 1293:
    Runby: [ame=""][/ame]
    Riding in the cab and crew car: [ame=""][/ame]
    Varous runbys: [ame=""][/ame]

    OHCR 1551: [ame=""][/ame]

    OHCR/GTW 6325: [ame=""][/ame]

    N&W 2-6-6-4 1218: [ame=""][/ame] Lots of its beautiful whistle.

    N&W 4-8-4 611, one of if not the most beautiful locos ever built:
    Fast runby: [ame=""][/ame]
    Pulling into yard: [ame=""][/ame]
    Under the bridge: [ame=""][/ame]

    Cleveland rapid transit:
    Blue/Green line LRV departs the terminal tower station with a shave and a haircut: [ame=""][/ame] I chased one of these last night down the Van Aken line.

    The Red line cars: [ame=""][/ame]

    Photo gallery and history:

    Pacing UP 3985 at track speed: [ame=""][/ame]

    MV train with rare KCS units in Berea: [ame=""][/ame]
    I caught this same train later that day in Perry, OH. Then, one week later caught a KCS trio going the other way at Berea.
  7. Don Rickle

    Don Rickle TrainBoard Member TrainBoard Supporter

    What's the story behind this caboose still running around in EL? That's great!
  8. wurlitzer153

    wurlitzer153 TrainBoard Member

    I don't know, I think I've seen it there before. Perhaps someone there is nostalgic?
  9. Mr. Train

    Mr. Train TrainBoard Member

    Young man with some videos

    [ame=""]YouTube - CN Ethanol Train Makes A Stop In Lena With All NS Power[/ame]

    This is a young man who is a Jr. member in the NWILMRR club (same club as I belong to) He is mostly in to N scale but he shoots some video in his home town and in Chadwick where the club is housed. Check out his videos and tell him you seen a link on trainboard. :thumbs_up:
  10. THarms77

    THarms77 TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for the heads up on the videos. I'll be sure to subscribe

  11. RRfan

    RRfan TrainBoard Member

    how about this
    [ame=""]YouTube - Train Cam Freight West (Original, Watch This One)[/ame]=
    [ame=""]YouTube - UP freight over camera Acton Ca.[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - NS 20Q at Cassandra[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Jamestown 28.12.06 8095[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - NS 722 with 2 ES40DC DPU pushers[/ame]
    I like the type of bell on the last one with ES40DCs
  12. wurlitzer153

    wurlitzer153 TrainBoard Member

    My father just posted his first train video:
    [ame=""]YouTube - CSX (B+O) Freight Connelsville PA[/ame]
  13. JCater

    JCater TrainBoard Member

    Great video!! Tell him to post more :D
  14. Stourbridge Lion

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