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ATSF643 (C44-9W) leads an eastbound JB Hunt train over the 4th crossing of Tehachapi Creek. The loop and the summit of the pass are ahead.

dave n, Jun 12, 2006
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    • Pete D
      All your shots look great---Nice work!
    • tod6566

      What a great layout, perfect size! Your model photos are exceptional, what camera/settings/lighting do you use?
    • dave n
      Thanks for the compliments! For the scenery shots I use a Canon Digital Rebel XT, and set the ISO at 1600, and open up the aperture to f16 or f22, using the timer on the camera and a tripod (I usually get about 1 sec or so exposure length). I have banks of flourescent lights over the layout, and use the flourescent setting on the camera. For the close ups I use an old Olympus C50, set to macro, and use the camera's flash.
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    Tehachapi Sub in N scale
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