CO2 airbrush setup

This setup was had for $20 from a Pepsi truck driver. Fully charged 20# CO2 tank with regulator. CO2 airbrushing has the advantage of being silent, moisture free, and constant (no pulsing). A full charge lasts literally for years, depending of course on what and how much you're painting!

CO2 airbrush setup
Pedro, Oct 24, 2007
    • 126andy
      Hi nice setup. Hope you will be able to answer just a few questions for me on it.
      Do you use the hose that came with your airbrush or did you have to get a different one because of the co2? What pounds on the gauge do you usually use when you paint? Thanks for any help you can give me on this.
    • Pedro
      It's just the standard Paasche hose. I did have to get a cheap "male/male" adapter at the hardware store to plug it in to the regulator.

      A lot of variables go into what kind of pressure you use, like kind of paint, how much it's thinned, size of needle, etc. Typically I end up using 15-20psi.

    • 126andy
      Thanks, I'm waiting for my regulator to get here and then I should be set.
    • 126andy
      I pretty much have everything right now. I picked up a iwata HP C Plus brush that I'm waiting on. Did you notice any difference using the CO2 as far as the cold affecting the paint as opposed to the regular air compressor?
    • Pedro
      No, I never noticed any coldness while airbrushing. The tank gets very cold with frost when you get it refilled, but when you're airbrushing you're really using a relatively tiny (compared to the volume of the tank) amount of air, it never gets cold.
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    Oct 24, 2007
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