Dover Street module coal business (unnamed)

Dover Street module detail. The drive on scale is based on one that was in Lower Mills in Milton, MA. It is mostly Marklin with scrap parts. The coal company really exists. It is based on the Thos. McCan coal business in Williamstown, MA.. Long closed but still standing.

Dover Street module coal business (unnamed)
bostonjim, Jun 11, 2018
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    • bostonjim
      I'm still waiting to lay the track and switches and then decide what I'll do for the approach to the tipple. It would be nice to have something that looks like the tipple abutments. I bet you could come up with something. Once this is done I'd like to have a dropbottom gon to look like something is going on at the coal company. The SW1200 will look good, too. Be well. Jim
    • ppuinn
      Very nicely detailed scene!
      1. Are all of the structures and details in this picture from kits or are some(silos top/middle?) scratch built or kit-bashed?
      2. Who manufactures the hoist (middle of the lower left quadrant)? And is it Z scale or N scale?
    • bostonjim
      Yes. All the structures are from available kits. I am modeling in z-scale. The coal business is from Nansen Street Models. It is Williamstown Coal Co. It is based on an actual, still standing, coal business in Willamstown, MA. The coal dock is from MTL. The buildings in the foreground are from Marklin, loco coaling and water facility and a shortened Marklin single stall engine house. The low building on the left is a kitbashed Faller depot. The A-frame hoist is a kitbashed n-scale item from Sierra West. Jim
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