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Duffields, WV train station

This is believed to be the second oldest train station, still standing, in the United States. Built in 1839, it stands along the former B&O, at Duffields in Jefferson County, West Virginia. During the Civil War it quartered Union troops who guarded the railroad from attack by the Confederate Army. Now on the Cumberland subdivision of the CSX it has been purchased by a preservationist group that hopes to make it into a museum. If you get Railpace magazine look on page 16 of the May edition for a photo taken by yours truly.

Duffields, WV train station
Maryland Guy, Jun 5, 2007
    • BoxcabE50
      Interesting structure. Very different from the stereotype wooden depot. Not in good condition. But I have seen some brought back from such condition. My favorite, albeit not as old, has been restored. It had suffered from at least one, if not two fires, and years of squatters, vandalism, etc. Many locals thought it would need to be bulldozed. Look at it now!


      Boxcab E50
    • Maryland Guy
      They believe that the wooden section, which is not as old as the stone portion, will have to be torn down. The building was used as a rented residence until the early 1960's. Since then it has been occupied by squatters and the like.
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    Jun 5, 2007
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