BigJake, Jan 5, 2021
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      Spaghetti & Western: A Unitrack folded dogbone with an extra figure 8, on a 36x80 HCD.

      The folded dogbone trackage represents a mainline, with double-tracked neck around the right end. The two bold crossovers implement reverse loops on each bone-end at left. Minimum 12.75" radius, eased by 13.75" curves on both ends.

      The figure 8 trackage represents a local industrial shortline, comprising the grade level crossings, inner bowl with siding at right, and continuing up and around the lower mainline bone-end on the left, to the yard below. Minimum shortline radius is 11" (eased by 12.275" curves on both ends). Minimum shortline siding radius is 9.75" (eased by 11" curves on both ends).

      Bold trackage is elevated Viaduct/bridges. Bold crossovers are a mashup of double track viaduct with the crossovers replacing the tracks. Most of the viaduct will be replaced with terrain & ground-level trackage, but initial build will use viaduct until I am comfortable that this is what I want, before adding terrain (layered 2" foam board).

      The double spur at left may not make it to the final layout once I figure out the final terrain. If it stays, it may be a single larger industry (refinery, mine, gravel pit?) The spurs at right are as yet undetermined industries or stations, as is the spur off the left end of the yard trackage.

      The 15 degree crossing is the only piece that requires modification, needing a slight trim to match up. Several of the short combinations of track pieces will eventually be replaced by custom-trimmed, longer pieces.

      The yard trackage configuration at bottom right is not final either.
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