HOn30 Forney 0-4-4 imported by Car Works. This has been re-powered with a 10x16 Faulhaber motor with a 4:1 gearhead. Someday it will be Kennebec Central's #2.

Chris333, May 26, 2006
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    • BoxcabE50
      I'd love to see this beauty run! Had thought of going to HOn30. But eyes, etc, are marginal for N scale. So,......


      Boxcab E50
    • Chris333
      Thanks guys! This baby runs nice & smooth and slow now too with the new gearbox.

      I had one many years ago that didn't run so great, the gear ratio was too high. That one was bought and sold for $400. Then I saw someone posted online they had this locomotive and it didn't run so I bought it for $150. When it showed up the cylinder saddle had came un-soldered, 5 min later it was up and running, but still fast so I re-powered it.

      Who knows if I will ever model HOn30 again, but I'm keeping this just in case ; )

      Here is a proto photo of KC #2:
    • acousticco
      That's an awesome engine Chris!
      One day I might ask you for directions on repowering one of these (once I fine one).

    • CNE1899
      Just stumbled across this. Beautiful loco!
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