RDC "The Malahat" when it ran ten years ago.

COverton, Jul 27, 2018
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    • CedarCreek
      Oh how i miss the day liner... :(
    • COverton
      Yeah, I used to enjoy hearing the horn, but that was 11 years ago already. Wife and I only rode on it the one time, in 2007. A lot of trees, but some of it was quite spectacular. I was disappointed that the Island Corridor Foundation couldn't bring it back, but I also wrote honestly to the local paper (printed) that no rail passenger service is viable unless heavily subscribed; even so they require handouts now and then. The ICF claimed publicly that they needed only $10M or whatever it was, and was going to raise it over the next several years. I pointed out in my letter that by the time they fixed 15 bridges and replaced a half-million ties, that another couple of bridges would be embargoed by then, requiring another $500K or more.
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