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Mogollon & Southwestern - Tom Crosthwait

Rocks are stained. San Antonio, Texas.

Mogollon & Southwestern - Tom Crosthwait
Flash Blackman, May 30, 2006
    • John Warren
      Excellent rock work, what did you use for stains, did you stain over Gesso. John
    • geoffrey
      Ditto the comment about the rock work!! Very very nice. I would love to know which method you used to create the rock and what was used to get such a realistic and light color?
    • Flash Blackman
      I didn't do the rocks myself, but the guys here stain the moulding plaster castings (not Hydrocal) with four different diluted acrylic stain colors to get the result they want. They mix the stains from yellow ocher, burnt sienna, burnt umber, and Payne's gray. Sometimes they use slightly different colors to change the rock type. The rocks are not painted or otherwise sealed. Hope this helps. Check Oct 21, 2005.
    • geoffrey
      Hydrocal does not take stain well! I have always used Hydrocal for the shell but Dental Plaster for the exposed rocks etc. It also takes those water based acrylic stains quite well!

      Did the guys who did the rock work use rock molds, hand carving or a combination of the two?
    • Flash Blackman
      It was probably a combination of carving and molds.
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