Jon Grant

New steam for Sweethome

NYC G46H 2-8-0 soundchipped brass loco

New steam for Sweethome
Jon Grant, Mar 30, 2010
    • MarkInLA
      Gotta love Connies !! Yours Looks A1. More made than any other steam. I have an HO brass Acane Ma & Pa which i've managed to hold onto since 1957 when dad surprised me with it, coming home from work in Manhattan, commuting either by IND subway at Jamaica to/from Lex. Ave. Or, via LIRR to/from New Hyde Park and Penn Sta. (built by the Pennsylvania RR v Grand Central Sta. built by New York Central RR). Ones traveling northbound from NYC to upstate NY, New England and Buffalo would use Grand Central. Train (usually with a GG1 up front), will emerge from under Manhattan tunnels at (was it ?)195st. or 125th st, Harlem, cross the Harlem river bridge to the Bronx, under which the Long Island Sound joins with the mighty Hudson. Hellgate Bridge (Ex.New Haven RR) can easily be spotted in this area of Long Island or the east Bronx..Then there's the Triborrough bridge which..........yadda yada...yadda
      Anyway, back to the Acane. I've had no interest in adding a decoder (4myNCE) nor having the nickel-silver pizza-cutter flanges turned down for code 40 I might employ one day. You never know, huh ?
      Thanks for pics. Jon. I know as soon as I see it, it's a Grant scene, for years on end. You have a unique style with Sweethome. I have no idea if this is your sole MRR. If not, would love to see your home MRR..But, alas, my bet is there ain't one... ...M
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